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GSA Only tried to post to a small group of targets

I am a relative newbie to GSA SER so I will do my best to explain my issue.

I have purchased the blue list from SERLists and followed their instructions to the tee with regards to setting up GSA SER. I put their list into my Identified list and got it to post all of my verified links into my verified list. When I started GSA SER it didn't appear to post to the list but to a group of about 10 sites that require recaptchas. I purchased the blue list because I didn't have a recaptcha service bit I signed up for captcha tronix to cover these. I changed my buyproxies proxies and that made no difference, and after emailing SERLists and deleting my URL cache for both projects I still had the same problem. SERLists then suggested I upload my list directly into each project I have and I did that on Thursday afternoon. From then it worked perfectly and I logged on on Friday morning to see 25,000 verified links. I logged onto my server this morning to see 28,000 links and I appear to be back to the same problem of GSA SER trying to create links to the same group of targets.

SERLists did say that they had experienced this problem before and it was a real issue to get resolved. I was wondering if anybody had seen this before and had an answer to how to solve it.

Thank you for your patience and i look forward to hearing any suggestions.

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