Profile Post & Actual Post...Why 2 times?

edited December 2012 in Need Help
Noticed really good that doing things like Videos, Web 2.0, and some bookmarks that GSA will give us both the "profile page url" and the actual url of our post. Really I dont need that "profile url" so is there a way to not have that listed or part of any verification?


  • SvenSven
  • you can look at urls verified and use the filter masks to get rid of the profile links.  click on project, menu key (right click)h,v then right click anywhere menu key, l, s the enter ie profile all of the urls that have profile in them will be selected.  there are several ways to eliminated these links, you can look at the platforms that give you profile links always such as phpfox and select all of these urls and use unselect by mask and do this in reverse as well 
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