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Contextual Lists

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I see many list sellers popping out but everyone offers the same thing: 
Big lists with thousands of comments and other spammy links and few contextuals.

Yet there is something no one offers.
Contextual Lists. 

These are the most valuable, yet no one is focusing on those.

Think about it :)


  • Exactly. 

    Thing is, if you're creating contextual links, you can post to the same domain (new reg) and get lots of links on the same sites. Yes that's not great, but if you have a big enough contextual list and tier them properly with the right ratios, it's gold.
  • dont worry @cefege coming soon ;)
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited July 2014

    From a list seller's point of view....

    Our last blue list contained over 13k unique contextual domains (only counting 'Article', 'SN', and 'Wiki'), so I'm not sure how many more you would expect, especially not for $30. lol

    What you need to understand is that different people use lists for different things, some people just want to build contextual tiers, which is fine, and you can just disregard the other types as you're still getting a good deal anyway.

    However, others might want the junk links for blasting videos, churn and burn, indexing their contextuals with a spam tier, or what ever it is that they do, so in order to cater for everybody we include both.

    At the end of the day, if you don't want to use the junk then just uncheck those engines in your projects. It's not difficult.  :D
  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    @2Take2 Well said.
  • For me comments and the like are useless. 

    I post over 1000 times/week at minimum per link. 
    How useful do you think those comment power would be after a few days of 50+ people spamming them?

    Contextual don't suffer this link dilution.

    I get it as a list seller, it's cooler to say 60+k verified list or something like that.

    @2take2 latest serlists has 100k links and 13 k contextual. Doesn't look like contextual are your main focus...I understand it's easier to scrape for blog comments and trackbacks. 

    I wonder if you only scraped for contextual, in the same time you would get probably 30k+ contextual.

    Just pointing it out there for list builders, there is a niche for contextual lists ;)
  • @cefege comments are still a great and easiest way to index tier3 links.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited July 2014
    cefege - you've totally ignored the points I made in my previous post and decided that we don't make lists the way you want them because it's somehow easier or cooler?  That's fine, and you're obviously entitled to your own opinion, but for the record, that isn't the case. :)

    When someone releases a list for $30 that contains 30k unique contextual domains, please let me know and I'll buy two. :P
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