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GSA CB Error "No valid response - No Image Attached!"

I have a decent PC but I finally decided it made too much sense to move GSA SER and GSA CB to a VPS especially when I found something within my price range.

I was able to install SER and CB, import my previous settings into SER, successful test communication between SER and CB, and everything was going well.


I added my Login/Pass for Captcha Tronix in CB settings.

I setup CB exactly according to my working installation on my PC, but when I try to "test" Captcha Tronix, my Error message is:

No Valid Response
No Image Attached!

For some reason I can't even find other GSA CB users with this same error, even though I found a similar error among Captcha Sniper users!

Here's a screenshot of current settings:  

Does it have anything to do with use of CB on port #80?  If so, what is my solution?

Thanks so much everyone...


  • SvenSven
    Please ask CaptchaTronix for support. At least it has not anything to do with CB running on port 80.
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