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Moving from Hetzner to GCVPS FR7 dedi - questions

I'm currently running GSA with 400~ LpM on this:

But Hetzner can't handle this (proxies leaking? idk)

We have received information regarding spam and/or abuse from

Please would you take all necessary measures to avoid this in future.

Furthermore, we request that you send a short response within 24 hours to us and to the complainant. This response should contain information about how this issue could happen and what you intend to do about it.

How to proceed:

-       Solve the problem.
-       Send a response to us using the following link:
-       Send a response by email to the complainant

A technician will check the data and coordinate further proceedings. If multiple complaints have been received, the situation could lead to the server being blocked.

Important note:
When replying to us, please leave the abuse ID [AbuseID:XXXXXXXXXXXX:1F] unchanged in the subject line.

Best regards,

Sandra Kreidl

This is like the fourth time, and I'm tired of being suspended temporarily.

I'm running 30 private proxies (shared) from buyproxies from a friend who uses them for social media, 100 dedicated proxy-n-vpn I use myself, and 100 dedicated from buyproxies me and @peterngo91 bought and 200 from newipnow which is basically shit (half of them don't test)

I'm moving to FR7 on GreenCloudVPS, what should I expect in terms of speed differences? I'm basically spamming after the "update" and it still works, so, yeah.


  • Firstly, greencloud is reseller. No reason to pay for middleman.

    Secondly. FR7 is powerfull dedi, but greencloud already buy it from reseller, so you have 2 middlemans between you and datacenter. Support will be super slow (and already is slow) on this dedi. I have 2 dedicated servers from company where greenclod buy Xeon 1650 dedis and sometimes it takes few days to fix serious problems.

    Instead of this server try this:
    or this:

    Hetzner is very "white hat" datacenter and its not good for seo tools.
  • @satyr85 -  So those 2 which you have mentioned is good to run GSA tools ?
  • redfoxseo 
    Have dedis in both datacenters and both are ok. This dedi is cheap but its sold out most time. As far as i know you have to write to 7 or 10 days before month end if you dont want to renew dedi. With soyoustart you dont have to do this but soyustart is more expensive.
  • @satyr85: Did you try ??.. What about the OP problem, i also faced this similar issue with my other server provider and i have to move to other bulletproof hosting.
  • I have 2 dedicated servers in DC so yes i tried. Many guys from this forums had problems with hetzner. Noone reported problems with or ovh/soyoustart (soyoustart is part of ovh).

    Simply go to check france, and check how many spam listings have servers from ovh dc and this servers are still up and running. 
  • i have a dedi at hetzner. Best support, best network ever, period. On the other hand they have 0 tolerance about scanning ports, ddos and abuse complaints. I don't use that machine for link building but generally identifying.
  • edited July 2014
    FR3 and FR7 from greencloud are both excellent.

    I have ser running on FR3's and hit over 400k verified per day with no proxies at 500 threads. You don't need proxies...why have a bullet proof server and then get proxies to slow everything down? You won't get abuse complaints...well you will, but they will all be ignored! lol So spam away!

    I tried all these proxy providers too recently and none of them can keep up with the FR3 servers running at 500 threads. Their proxy software keeps crashing. A couple of providers asked me to reduce my threads, which defeats the purpose of paying so much for fast dedi proxies.

    FR7 is not necessary for ser, unless you need to run a lot of projects. I have xrumer running on there at the moment, not tested ser yet.

    300 campaigns running simultaneously on a FR3 at 500 threads runs real smooth. Still have room for more projects. FR7 is overkill unless you want to run more projects or other software on the same server as ser. He was out of stock of the FR3 recently, hence why I got the FR7. are not bulletproof hosts. If you get abuse complaints you will be terminated. Greencloud french servers are all bulletproof.
  • sickseo  dont the sites ban you real quick ?
  • Not as many as you would think, no they don't.

    Put it this way, if after a month, I can still make 400k+ verified links in 24 hours, then it will be pretty safe to say that proxies are a total waste of money. They are expensive, slow ser down and personally, I don't know why I ever used them.

    I am feeding my installs with new sites regularly, so it is pretty unlikely I'll notice any difference. I don't use recpatcha solving, so I miss out on those sites. No proxies means I'll miss out on another group of sites...but there are still plenty of targets left to place a link on.
  • @sickseo So greencloudvps has no problem with spam complaints? I thought greencloudvps was OVH reseller?

    OVH has zero tolerance for this kind of activity on servers. I used OVH before and got warnings for this before.
  • I use gsa with ovh for over 3 months with no complaints.
    You need to use proxies.
  • edited July 2014
    "You won't get abuse complaints...well you will, but they will all be ignored! lol So spam away!"
    You dont know what are you talking about so please dont post such bullshit.
    Greencloud dont have bulletproof servers.

    To ignore spam comlaints server seller need to own datacenter or resell bulletproof servers.
    Greendloud dont own any DC
    Greencloud dont resell bulletproof dedis
    Solidseo/Greencloud resell ovh,, hetzner, datashack, and some server provider from NL, maybe leaseweb. Those servers providers are not bulletproof.

    Ofc your server wont be turned off after few hours/days when you run SER/ Xrumer without proxies but sooner or later it will hapen.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited July 2014

    Can you please stop getting us involved or using our name in threads we are not interested in? How do you know we are reselling? Why not owning our own hardawre and collocating there?

    We see you also you have a thread for selling proxies on gsa forum here, does that also make you a reseller to all these isp providers that you are using their ips to sell to your clients? or does that makes all these datacenters providers reseller for all big names fiber providers such as level3 etc.. ??

    So i think instead of bringing up all these datacenters names that most people here knows about it already, you can give them your own advise, but without bringing others name, We are kindly asking you this

    Thank you
  • @satyr85

    Hmmmm....If Greencloud do not offer Bulletproof servers, then how is it that I am able to run 12 dedicated servers with no proxies using ser and xrumer?

    I hope you are wrong, as I confirmed with the greencloud owner that their french dediservers are bulletproof and will ignore abuse complaints. That is good enough for me. In their sales thread on this forum, the owner has also mentioned this several times, that their French dedi servers are bulletproof.

    Xrumer has been running for almost a month now with no proxies. 12 installs of Ser have been running for a  week with no proxies. Yes, I am hitting forum platforms too. So far so good. Sure it is still early days. If my servers do get banned/terminated through abuse complaints, I'll be sure to post here.
  • @sickseo: I am using a bulletproof server, so you mean i will disable the shit proxies which shows everytime connection error, proxies can only be use in google scraping ?
  • I would disable proxies completely. Personally I use gscraper and hrefer for scraping new sites, I like to focus ser on what it is best at..making new links. But if you use proxies for scraping, then yes, you must use them to scrape google.

    When you use no proxies, your lpm shoots through the roof. With new campaigns set up, at 500 threads, I hit over 500 lpm and over 400k verified in 24 hours! I have never got those results from using proxies.

    I have used proxy hub, buy proxies, newipnow and ezproxies. None of them could handle 500 threads from 12 dedi servers. Constant connection errors and timeouts. Seriously try it! lol
  • solidseovps I could not involve you in any thread you are not interested in but as far as i know its public forum and have freedom of speech... I dont post  anything negative about your company i dont suggest you have low quality servers or something like this.

    Ofc i cant be sure you are reselling but you offer exactly same hardware specs as server providers metioned in my post above - this makes me think you are resseling.

    I dont have sales thread with proxy service - i have thread with alpha test of my proxy service, no selling or reselling any proxies oficially.

    Check your servers ips here - you will get IP whois info so you can find where your server is hosted. Email your DC directly and ask them if they will ignore spam comlaints or spamhaus listing. Im sure they will say no. 

    How you are able to run 12 servers without proxies on not bulletproof host?
    - you are lucky
    - your lists are filtered

    Check this links:

    On these servers (ovh) someone use Xrumer/Ser or other seo tools without proxies for quite long time. As you can see number of stopforumspam listings is huge and servers are still up and running. Ovh is not bulletproof server provider so why these servers are still up and running? Because XR/SER wont generate thousands of abuse messages in 1 day. Sometimes it wont generate any abuse messages in few weeks, even months if your lists are filtered and you know how to avoid most of abuse messages.

    From my experience its possible to run Xr/SER on not bulletproof server without proxies for X weeks/months. If you can run seo tools on not bulletproof server this dont mean server provider is bulletproof, this mean your activity didnt generated any serious spam complaints or spamhaus listing. Even if your activity generate spam complaints big datacenters sometimes react to such messages with low speed. Running ser/XR on not bulletproof servers without proxies is easy way to save some $ on servers and many guys do this but nearly noone write about it on public forums.

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