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2 new macros: random article title and random article

edited July 2014 in Feature Requests
@sven random article title and random article from project Article Manager.


  • SvenSven

    those are already added.

    %article% is a random article

    %article_title% is the title.

  • As I understand it, %random_article% gets the article from the web.
  • @dmrt it just gets article and do not spin it ?
  • SvenSven

    @balajiseo yes to spin it you need to use 

    #spin %random_article% #nospin

    or also try

    %random_articlemix% as macro.

    For more samples see the macro guide

  • @sven when i do a preview of 

    #spin %random_article% %keywords% #nospin
    the output contains 
    #spin <title is displaying properly> [KEYWORD.COMES.HERE] <again title displays properly here> #nospin <title displays>

    so the syntax 

    these words are not replaced by actual text what am i doing wrong ?
    also in the article body
    it just displays
    #spin %random_article% %keywords% #nospin

    in the preview.

  • SvenSven
    the spin macro is not used in preview/test, just on submission.
  • @Sven Okay Thanks
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