SERLists Run Active(V) on all projects until finished?

Hi, just have a few questions about this instruction. 

Do I do this when I am running a project or when it has completed? Also I don't understand how doing this "salvages" links?

I thought this simply checks if the links are still there?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Are you running off an imported list or letting the software scrape from the search engines? If its running off the search engines it will continue running endlessly until it says "no targets to post to".

    Active (v) switches the software to only run the verification process so it will be going through and seeing if your links exist on the submitted URLS, when its done it should say verifying links finished or something similar, then you can switch the campaign back to active and let it run again.
  • Hi @s4nt0s I am running of the SERlists thing I bought. Does it still make links if I do this or just it just verify the ones already made?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    So if you imported your list and let it run for a while you should see links in the submitted column, if you were to right click and set it to active (v) its going to run the verification process through those submitted links. Once you're doing with that, you can switch it back to active and it will continue submitting links from your imported list.

    I'm not sure if you were able to check out the guides they put together for customers, but if you haven't, you should check them out to get the most out of your list.
  • s4nt0s Thanks s4nt0s, but what I am getting at here is what the whole "point" of doing that is? How does it make running from your list better when all it apears to do is show you the verified links?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    The point is to force the application to run the verification check if you'd rather not wait for it to do it automatically. If your submitted column has a lot of links, but the verified numbers aren't high, sometimes you might turn on active (v) to see if it can grab any new verifieds.

    I'm not sure what you mean by running your list better though, I never said it did that. Its simply an option that you can choose to use or not use :)
  • ronron
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    @Chess4532 - My ears are burning, lol.

    I am not sure if you are referring to our secret tutorial or our general instructions for using a list for the first time - but I will try to explain.

    If you have been scraping with SER all along, before bringing in a list, we recommend that you button things up with those submissions made with SER scrapes. Essentially what we tell people is to clean out the pipes, and 'salvage' whatever possible links that may remain - before running our lists.

    You can have a lot of submissions, but the link may not be there right away. Remember, especially with contextual type links, you have to sign up, then SER goes into your email, approves the email, then submits an article. That article may not appear right away. There can be a delay for many reasons.

    All we are saying is that before you run a list for the first time (and only if you are a very picky person who tries to extract every ounce of blood from a turnip), then run Active(V) first to convert as many submissions to verified links as possible. When Active(V) has gone down to a few threads, hit Stop, and delete all the remaining submitted - it is all junk.

    To be perfectly honest, unless there is a specific reason to run Active(V), you don't ever really run it. Typically you have the projects on Automatic Verify Every 1440 minutes. So there is never a need to use Active(V) because you are already verifying multiple times per day.

    If this has anything to do with the secret tutorial that went out with our last list, then please PM me. 

  • @ron I see thanks. I am actually talking about the best practices guide that cmae with the list.
  • ronron
    @Chess4532 - Ok cool, then I explained it properly. It is just a one time deal to use Active(V) when switching from SER scraping to using a list. And only if you really give a hoot. I personally don't bother.
  • @ron ;

    Hi, just need some advice on what to do next.

    My keyword was on page 2 but now its down to page 5 after building links. I have built a 2 tier link pyramid of contextuals with tier one being mostly dofollow, 110 tier 1, 1040 tier 2 I also built some mixed links coming in from the side of 784 links.

    I did not use any filters.

    Used kontent machine for the content.

    Got a list from u guys.

    I used 10% main anchor, 10% related, 10% branded and 70% generic.

    Started on 29 June.

  • ronron
    Too hard to say. Every single website and niche is so different. I usually create multiple websites in the same niche, and then vary the linkbuilding tactics. This isn't an exact science. Sometimes filters get tripped. Just try to keep a log of what changes you make and the day that you made them. That will really help you figure stuff out.
  • @ron I Ron, I am noticing "no engine matches" a lot when running your list. Is that something to do with my settings?

  • ronron
    @Chess4532 - It probably is your settings. Here's a quick screenshot from last night using the blue list #8 (our most recent one):


    I suspect that you may be unchecking some engines that have a lot of links in the list? That is my best guess.

    Every SER scrape or list you run will produce a number of 'no engine matches'. What I have found is that many of those links then are 'categorized correctly' and processed on future uses of those targets.

    I try not to pay attention to the log. The reason? I have a ton of Sock Proxy Error messages. If I freaked out about it like a lot of people here have been doing, I may have already committed suicide. The above screen shot was with a *shit-ton* of proxy error and engine not found messages. And that is why I pay attention to results, and not that damn log.
  • @ron I see thanks. I am just trying to do contextuals on my second tier, but it hasn't built any links for the past 20 mins, was working well previously though.
  • Me too I've been getting the "no engine matches" error a lot and "Sock Proxy Error" lately. I wonder what these two error messages actually mean or why they happen?

    @sven @ron @chess4532
  • SvenSven

    "no engine matches" = simply a site not matching any platform that SER can post to

    "Sock Proxy Error" = can be anything.

  • Hi @ron firstly thanks for the all awesome advice on here and in your paid training. I bought your list a few days ago (I was in touch via email as you were sold out) but didn't get the "secret training". Will I get it if I buy your next blue list? (Which I will be doing regardless).
  • Hi @ron, so I just re-read the best practices and then this thread and Im still a touch confused. If dont really need to run Actvie (V) do I also not really need to run "Clear your submitted column so only Zeroes" as this seems to be done after Active (V)?
  • ronron
    @FatHarryWhite - I'll move this to PM so I am not jacking a thread.
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