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Anyone have a service to setup a high quality campaign?

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I dont really like setting up GSA campaigns. Id really love to pay someone to do fill it all out. Spin text, email.. all of it. I know several people who have been asking for this.



  • i'd like to know this too, and also the price. So maybe i will be interested too!
  • I had thought about doing something like this but just had never got around to finishing it up. 
  • Use Kontent Machine :)
  • Kontent Machine? This will not solve the main posters inquiry.

    Did you ever find anyone? You can find quite a few cheap SEO work on WickedFire, but if your speaking about GSA SER relevant setups.....well shoot me a PM. I may be able to help for the right price. ;-)
  • I may be able to help.  I run a small SEO company.  If interested, send me a PM.
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