Is This Normal? From 178 to Hyperspace in G in about 1 week...

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I started a campaign on a keyword laden domain name that has been around for over a year but until about two months ago had no content on it.

I first of all did a Tier 1 campaign pointing direct at money site and then duped that and ran a Tier 2 campaign using the urls from Tier 1 to post to... I did this again for Tier 3. I went a bit hard in the first few days as I was also testing GSA SER at the time and wanted to see what it could do.

My results so far are a bit surprising. Its only been just over a week and the site that sat at 178 in g usa is now off charts. The site is still listed as I can pull up the site with the site:sitename in g search.

I tried to make it look like a relatively reasonable spike in traffic
and now intend to drip to it to ensure that it is consistent...

So I am wondering if this is a normal result for a site that is suddenly getting 'backlink interest'  to go from 178 to hyperspace in little time ... do sites do this before moving up... what are GSA SER genius users experience with this?



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    you need to wait, you have no backlinks at all so you should expect a google dance, but anyways dont do spammy links for Tier 1 thats a NO, using GSA the recommended settings to do tier 1 is using only contextual platforms and using a good spinned article to do some "quality" post aiming to your website, then you blast those links with anything else but, the only thing you can do right now is wait.. how many verified links you have in tier 1 and what platforms you used?
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    Use GSA on money site very carefully. Content needs to be unique and highly spun and also readable. If you are just spinning and/or grabbing from a tool like KM or WAC it will only hurt the rankings.

    Always better to build web 2.0s manually and then let GSA build links to them. Its more work but hey the reward will be more too.
  • Hi People, thanks for the inputs.

    I have 1156 verified links to the site with various PR over 1.

    At first I was using all of the avialable backlink profiles and as I learned over the first couple of days to cut them down.

    Once I discovered the best practice templates listed in other posts I turned off the potentially dangerous backlink parts. I left it run for another appx 600 link using the Article, Blog Comment, Document Sharing, Microblog, Social Bookmark, Social Network, Video and Web 2.0 only. A lot of the content was at default although my article is definitely a good article spun well enough to pass copyscape on any spin.

    So to my mind I might have done minor damage and it's probably just the typical g dance we all see from time to time.

    I hope it is!

    This is only one of my sites with potential to being a main money site. The idea was to get it up high and then use it more effectively. Ideally I would love to build it to high pr and then flip or use for my own projects.

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