Need Advice Please

Hi Just need some advice.

Trying to get a 200 a month k/w to page one, its bouncing around a bit from page 2 to page 4, now gone to page 5.

I got 118 mainly dofollow contextuals on tier 1, 236 of the same on tier 2, then nearly 1000 mixed do/nofollow coming in from the side at the money site.

Its been built over about 2 weeks.

Drip fed the links to

I got 10% money keyword 10% related 10% branded 70% generic.

Using kontent machine for all the content.

Any advice what I should do please guys?


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    200 monthly searches? I would probably focus on on-page SEO instead.

    And I have to comment on your 70% generic... why not switch that out with some related keywords?
  • On page is all good, its not possible to rank on page one with just on page SEO for any keyword thats worth it in my opinion.

    Using a high % generic and low exact is what I was taught, so it looks more natural.
  • goonergooner
    It's definitely possible. Especially for a 200 monthly search keyword.
    Assuming it has little competition (which i imagine a keyword with such low search volume would have), it should be possible to get close to page one, or even on page one with on-page SEO alone.
  • @gooner What on site could u do except for putting your keywords in the article? That's the only on-site that really matters IMO. But anyway, would like your opinion on what my action plan should be with regards to GSA?

    Try and juice up the Tier 1's with more links?
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    Chess4532 I read in some trusted resource before that there is ~ 100 on-page factors.
    Some important are keywordsin url, keywords in title, keywords in first paragraph in article, not overused keywords in article, some tags for article, appropriate category for article. And most important is semantic core for all your webpage. Actually about semantic core not everybody are talking. :)
  • @botman Maybe if u had like a PR7 domain with a domain authority 50 you could rank on first page for a decent k/w but with a new domain purely with on-site I have never seen it happen.
  • goonergooner
    @Chess4532 - I have ranked a lot of sites on the first page with only on-page SEO. Low competition local keywords mostly but more than 200 searches per month for sure.

    That said, with this new evaluation period that new domains now have to go through it remains to be seen whether it can still be done in record time.

    @botman is right. There is much more to on-page SEO than just adding keyword. Page titles, H tags and Alt tags are the bare minimum. Then there's more advanced stuff too, i would read up on the on-page SEO and apply that and i would guess you'll see big improvements.

    Aside from that keep building links and add high quality links if you think it's worth it
  • @gooner I am trying to beef up my Tier 1's right now, adding in no follow to my tier 2 also cuz I think it might help to make the first tier indexed.
  • goonergooner
    Cool, let us know how it goes.
  • Hello chess4532, interesting thread so I'll go ahead and point some things you should improve on your site (if you haven't done so already).

    1) Add some social signals like G+s FB likes etc. ~50-100 of each will really help in rankings.
    2) Don't use your keyword with more than 4%-5% density overall on your site
    3) Remember to bold and italicize your main keywords on the articles
    4) Yes articles, one page site won't rank easily, it's very thin content, add 3-4 well written articles (not spunned obviously)
    5) Add images with the appropriate tags
    6) Why not make a couple of videos and link them to your money site? The videos might even rank better than the site itself and it will redirect all traffic to your site!
    7) Add contact us and about page that includes phone number and address
    8) Make the font of the site easy to read and leave spaces between paragraphs
    9) Wait, google started to delay the ranking time a bit so all you can do after building the links is wait!

    Hope you find this answer useful!
    Good luck :)
  • Heraclitus  I tried social before, didn't seem to do much.

    I am not trying to base a site around one keyword these days.

    I am trying to do a keyword for each page, so only interested in ranking subpages these days. 

    Did the microniche thing back before the panda/penguin thing and they all got hammered.

    I know about most of the other things, so thanks!
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