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Death by Captcha

Hi there

I have 12 x 7 tier pyramid on my GSA. with max 2 000 verified link a day together. I use  captcha breaker 3 times and reverse proxies 2 times then death by captcha 1 time.for pr2 and more. Yesterday i bought 10 000 captchas and today  I got email that captcha balance is low. Can somebody help what to do? Where is problem?

Thank in advance


  • They charge almost 44%  more during the day hours USA time.  I think eastern time  9:00am to 11:00pm at night which is their night schedule>   They have to pay workers more to work at night.  Its really BS.   I use Decaptcha during the day and Death By Captcha at night  Lol.   Read their website for info.  

    Also a little advice.  2 000 verified links a day with GSA is pretty low.   I never use proxies with software anymore.  Success is way better with a bulletproof server.  Cheap too.   I get a 4 core 10GB of ram for $55.00.   Run GSA like crazy.  I been running GSA for three days multiple projects running.  One project has 34,000 verified links. 


    Thanks for answer I use for tier 1 10-20 verified links a day because the sites are new.
    Tier 2-20 links tier 3 - 30 links and so on. I am afraid that i get penalized the sites by google. If this is low how to do? What mean you don't use proxies? Can you explain better?

    Thanks in advance
  • I use only a Bulletproof server for GSA.   No proxies.   I only use the default proxies for scraping more links in GSA.  But so far I been creating lists with Hrefer so I don't need to use proxies for anything! 

      I use a Bulletproof server  which means they do not care about complaints at all!    Also ran Xrumer for a few years on my home PC  with fast Verizon Fios.   Never got shut off or heard anything.  

    I cant stand using proxies.  The success rate is way low!     I used a server provided by SolidVPS before.  They were okay servers but using proxies suck.   They turned me off lol because I stopped using them. 

    A bulletproof server is the way to go,  whats the use of having a bad ass server if proxies define your connection? 

    Recaptcha sure will ban the IP allot but sometimes I just shut er down for 2-3 hours and its all good.  My success rate is way better.  You can also buy more Ips for 3-4.00 more. 

  • SEODEMON  I build the links directly to money site :)

  • Ass far as SEO,  best to blast EMD domains.  If optimized onpage correctly you can blast all the backlinks you want at them.   Another thing is its best to Churn and burn.   Multiple domains some will get penalized and some will not!  Some will rank.  Its the fastest and best way. 

  • SEODEMON understand

    i am not so very good with GSA. I still learning it. Asia Virtual Solution did for me some 7 tier projects and they say that i need to use always 10-20 links a day for money site. But tell me when to stop to use the pyramid for one project? My site begin rank for multiple keywords in first 10 in google.

    When to stop use the GSA?

  • KaineKaine
    @SEODEMON first webmaster report you and you loose many target, but maybe have you multi IP with your server ?

     i use private and public  proxies.But tell me what mean Churn and burn and how to do it. I don't want to burn my site. But if i earn in this way one time good money the it is ok :)


  • SEODEMON, which are your VPS provider?
    Tell me where to get this Bullet Proof VPS you speak of 
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