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How to upload image for avatar?

edited December 2012 in Need Help

Some of sites force user to upload avatar during registration.
I can't find in manual any information how GSA can do that.
Any suggestions?


  • SvenSven

    it's that simple...


  • How GSA know a full location of file?Where is default avatar store folder? Can I put there for example C:\301\default.gif or it won't work?

    Thanks for help
  • SvenSven

    if you don't use a full path you need to have that file in "engines" folder which is where you have installed the program to. Else simply use a full path like...


  • JamesJames
    @Sven Can you make it pick a random image from the folder?
  • SvenSven
    no, not yet. You can do that manually when using spin syntax.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - "You can do that manually when using spin syntax." - does this mean editing the engine files?
  • I think he means avatar={C:\301\default.gif|C:\301\default2.gif|C:\301\default3.gif|C:\301\default4.gif}
  • Thanks for that @marketmonster...

    qn - where exactly is this detail meant to be added to make this happen for those sites that require it?

    I am seeing on the micro message sites that they don't require an avatar for example but it might help anyway for keeping links.

    Can you give some pointers?

    Thanks NR
  • I haven't actually done this myself, but from what Sven said you need to look at the engine.ini for whatever platform it is that you want the avatar to be uploaded. Then you need to look at the HTML source code (or use inspect element in Chrome) and see what the field is called. If it's called "user-pic-upload" then in the ini file for that platform you need to add a line that says user-pic-upload=C:\301\default.gif or whatever the case. Like I said, I haven't actually done that but I think the way I described it is correct so it's at least worth a try. Let us know how it goes.
  • Ok I will try to do this soon. Cheers NR
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