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Proxy questions

Hi all,

because of my small budged I use the public proxy of SER and it always find a mass of proxies. If I test these new proxies again - immediately after harvesting - the amount of Google accepted proxies shrink rapidly. Does the proxy finder not test proxies after finding? I have checked "find online and test"
I ask because I get error messages that no targets to post to and I believe this is because of dead proxies.

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Unfortunately prublic proxies are used by many people if posted somewhere. Many try to use it on google and so google banns them thinking it's an attack.
  • Accepted Answer
    Public proxies are very hard to use/find etc. You wont find any resonable amount of google passed proxies using Ser, simply forget about this as its not possible. Scraped public proxies dies very fast, so all can be dead after 2 - 5 minutes.


  • This I understand very well but if from 800 proxies only 3 are left after a recheck which is immediately made after finding them (including testing them) I wonder myself very much :-)
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