Too many connection refused, timed out

I am using 10 semi dedicated proxies from buyproxies, running with the thread of 80 with 180 html time out. I am running 3 projects with those proxies but i see lots of errors

1. Connection timed out
2. Connection refused
3. Connection reset by peer

I think every errors developed for my projects only. Please suggest me how to solve this damn issue. Tired of this problem.


  • Begin with low thread count with only 1 proxy with dummy project and gradually rise threads until errors will show up. During this monitor your bandwith and settings to see how much proxy can withstand.
    I.e. stress test your proxies under SER runs.

    Generally some percentage of those errors is to be expected.
  • I tried with 20 threads with 100-180 timed out but still the same issues. I think the proxies were crap.
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