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Selling GSA Captcha Breaker and GSA Ser

I haven´t used it anymore for a few months, if anyone is interested I´ll pass my license as giving you all the rights to use it.

SER: 80$

Captcha Breaker: 127$

Both: 200$

Payments sent via paypal (verified paypal members only)



  • Hmmm is this allowed??
  • I don't think @sven allows this
  • SvenSven

    It's not allowed at all! I closed this thread.

    Let me give you the reason gain why we do not allow this.

    1. A lot scam is going on with this. People use stolen credit cards or other fraud to buy licenses and start selling them. Of course the license is not working for long and deactivated a couple of hours/days after the fraud has been detected. People who bought that from someone else get angry at us that ther license doesn't work anymore. Well nothing we can do about it really.

    2. People sell the same license to more than one person. The same as in point one happens and license is no longer working.

    3. People sell there license and keep it for themselfe. Same as point 2.

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