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Annoying (Important Messages)

I would rather not turn this setting completely off for the messages from appearing, 
only because I  can receive notifications for dead emails accounts ect.. I would however love those stupid captcha errors from notifying all the time
I'm sure everyone would agree to this.

If only their were an option to exclude only captcha errors for important messages, I hope @sven can do something for this



  • See I told you even bankoklad agrees, this is something that really needs implementing

    lol everytime I look at those error I start cursing
  • I started using GSA SER in the last couple of days and just noticed these important messages popping up. After a bit of searching i realised they are just alerts telling you what has happened, but they look critical.

    Maybe there needs to be alert levels like - Alert, Warning & Critical Error - and then each group could be turned on/off... and if people only wanted to see Critical errors they could configure those on.

    Just my thoughts as a SER noob.

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