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Wylde's Happy Proxy Tool



  • jjumpm2 sorry but what you wrote is not quite adding up..
    If you are having +80 lpm with 10 secs timeout PUBLIC proxies that means they are not just fast they are mega fast for public proxies. But on the other hand you are saying 1500 upm with gscraper that is only 25url/sec which is a very low number.
    In that case they are either very slow or they are getting banned insanely fast.

    Since as you said it is 10 secs timeout that leaves only they are getting banned very fast by big G. The only way G banning public proxies that fast if they are getting abused which means they are being used by lots of people that again means they can't be that fast.

    Kind a paradox, isn't it.
    Don't get me wrong i am gonna buy the software, just 10 secs timeout doesn't seem realistic to me.
  • @derdor I only test to 10 secs - that is basically just connecting to make sure they are live. I run SER with HTML timeout of 60.

    With regards to Gscraper, I didn't actually think that was too bad for public proxies.. I have just started a new scrape, will post results after it finishes. Will be running at 300 threads, 60 second timeout, contextual footprints, built in keywords, ignore and skip dead proxies.
  • @jjumpm2,

    I'm glad you like the premium list lol.

    HUGE update:

    1. Fixed default source list (was causing crashing on some machines).
    2. Bug Fix: Autosave did not work on schedule.
    3. Fixed version info in titlebar.
    4. Fixed change log link.
    5. Settings are auto saved.
    6. Stability improvements (threading was completely rewritten).

    Still 6 slots left!
  • @SamWylde just bought the tool. All my emails got wiped and I cant find the link to the private proxy list. What should I do to get that link?
  • @the_other_dude,

    Send me a PM with your paypal email and transaction ID and I'll re-send it to you.

    All license for Happy Proxy and info for the Premium lists sent out.

  • Premium Public Proxies:

    We now have a $1, 3 day trial for users who want to test out the premium proxies before subscribing for the monthly ones.

    Start Your Trial!

  • got the key in an email from you. Thanks
  • Can your premium proxies works good in scrapebox with how many threads i can use ?
  • @redfoxseo,

    Yes they work in Scrapebox, threads depends on how many working proxies there are. 
  • edited September 2014

    Details sent to your email.

    Premium List Update:
    We tweaked a few things and now should be getting 10-11k alive proxies, every 2 hours :).
  • Hi

    I sent in a support ticket yesterday - no response.
  • Reviews:

    We have now added a new proxy portal:

  • It's been 12 hours and the proxies hasn't changed. I thought they were updated on 2-3 hours. Is this service still active?
  • @spiritfly,

    They are updated every 2-3 hours. They were updated an hour ago as of this posting. About once a week we restart our servers so It's possible you were checking during that time.
  • edited January 2015
    @SamWylde Yes I noticed they got updated and they are updated regularly I can confirm that.

    I may be a party pooper now for a lot of folks for telling you this, but it seems like the proxies are publicly available for anyone to see. You never noticed low signups lately have you? That link in the control panel is accessible from anywhere and without a key. Can you check this on your end please?

    EDIT: And by the way there is no other way reaching you to tell you this. You support forums is not sending that verification email and it won't let me post without my account being verified. You Contact Us page on your website gets stuck on loading forever without loading the form and I don't have any contact email from you. Please try to fix those things.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    I just happened to take a look at your website, and i noticed that the Happy Proxy Tool is no longer supported.
    I am using the premuim list subscription, and that seems to be work.

  • edited March 2015

    Yes the Proxy Tool is no longer supported. Anyone can still purchase it but there will be no more updates to that tool.

    The Premium Monthly Proxies are still available and working fine.

    Wylde's Premium Public Proxys Major Update

    We have recently made some major upgrades to our system.

    You can now download Elite Anon, Anon, Elite Anon + Anon, and All Proxies from the dashboard. The Password is your Key that you were sent when you signed up.

    2. IP's Limited.
    Personal proxy urls are now limited to being called from 2 different IP’s. This has been done to prevent overuse and sharing of the proxy url’s with other people. You can set the IP’s in the Control Panel and they can be changed at any time.

    I welcome any thoughts or suggestions.

    A 5 minute demonstration showing a scrape using Wylde's Premium Public Proxies. Average Urls Per Minute were 6,700. Not bad for $10 a month:

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