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Spinning images.

I thought I created a discussion on this, but now I can't find it in my discussion list. So, here goes again. I use specific images that go with sections of my articles. All my images are in one place on my website. So, I'm not sure how to spin an image. If I have something like,
<img src="" /> for every spun article, then is that a problem if the rest of the article is spun very well with alternate sentences as well as alternate words and phrases, with secondary words and phrases stuck in? Do I have to do more, like spin alternate paragraphs to make up for having the same image in the same place for every article? Maybe I could change the position of the image by a sentence or two?


  • SvenSven
    I don't quite understand the question really. If you want SER to add images at a random location, then use that option + check the "Own URLs" and add your URLs there.
  • The question is whether or not I'm likely to get penalized by a search engine if I have the same image in approximately the same place in all of the spun versions of my article, in that there isn't a way to spin img commands.
  • I believe Matty Woodwoodwood did a tutorial/video on image code spinning a while ago. It'll be here (if you can stomach watching another of his videos):
  • @cherub,
    Great tutorial by Woodward. It told me what I need to know about spinning images. Thanks.

  • Woodward, in his spinning tutorial, went into how to spin videos. In his instructions, he takes videos from YouTube from, it looks like, a "watch" directory rather than a "users" directory and randomly uses those. So how does one know whether or not it is copyright legal to use someone's video? The same question can go for images. If I am writing an article about muscles and drawing the body, and I find a bunch of diagrams on muscles or photos of people with big muscles on Google Images, how do I know if it is okay to use any particular image?
    How have people been dealing with this?
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