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Submission Times

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
It would be nice if you could restrict submission to certain times of the day.

Example: Only submit during these hours of the day (say - 9am to 9pm).

I often use this feature in other software to avoid the captcha services peak times and get better submission rates.

This could also free up threads / resources for other "house keeping" tasks during hours that your don't want to submit/register to sites.


  • available on scheduler
  • main window Start -> click on down arrow -> Schduler
  • JamesJames
    This would restrict SER running all task right?

    My point was restricting certain tasks (submission) to certain hours.

    I would rather SER working 24/7, but for tasks which require captchas to be restricted to certain hours of the day as the paid captcha solvers I have used tend to max out and have very low success rates at certain times of the day.
  • yeah.. it will.

    "paid captcha solvers"
    I guess if you have to. You might have some specific requirement for that.

    What some of the more experience users of GSA SER are setting the captcha retries to 0 and just let GSA SER keep on submitting. It's a numbers game and captcha retries are slowing down the submission.

    GSA Captcha Breaker is currently being beta tested and so far I am impress of the results I am getting and the response time of the captcha breaker.

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