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Removed used article from 'Article Manager'

Is it possible to have a feature where I can ask GSA to remove the article after it's been used, so as not to clog up the whole article view pane? I am using the option 'not to submit article more than 1 time anywhere', but after the submission is done, the article still appears within the project, so I have no idea how many more articles are left that has not been used.


  • +1 for this
  • SvenSven

    right click on the box->Count Article Usage

    You can then delete the once you think should go.

  • Hi @sven, thanks for letting me about the count article usage, really handy.

    But still, if the software can do automatic removal of the article after it's been used, it will be great, save a lot of time for me to delete off the articles.

    Just a suggestion that I really would like to have as this will make it much easier for my daily links building.
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