GSA Seems Stuck

Its just done email verification, finished 615 checks. But now its done nothing for past 13 mins.

Tell me what's wrong with it please.


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    how should we know? Paste some log entries.
  • Is the log just the window at the bottom?
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  • It looks like its doing something now. But how can I get it building links faster?

    I got 10 semi private proxies
    I am trying to do my tier 2 made of contextual do follow
    I just added in hundreds of keywords in from scrapebox
    Using 100 threads

    Its only go 15 verified in about 5 hours.


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    Its pumping out verified links like a beast all of a sudden. Went from 16 verified to 92 in a few mins.

    It could be reverification though.

    If it is doing reverification will the links show up in the last verified URLS window like it only just submitted them?
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  • Any idea why its pumping out links so well now but sluggish before?
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    sorry no
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    If you check the "Use URLs from global site list" box and check "verified" does it only use those URLs or does it still try to find more new URLs
  • Hello, I have a similar issue at least GSA SER seems to stall and not produce many lengths. Allow me to explain.
    I am not a high tech guy, but can usually find my way through most computer issues. This one has me stumped. I will try to be
    brief and provide enough information that may allow someone to point me in the right direction. I have been using GSA SER for
    close to one month now. I set it up by using an online tutorial. Everything was great and in the first few uses I had close to
    1000 verified links. From there I would only use about 1 hour a day to prevent getting gigged by Google or whomever, and short uses
    continued to provide many links. I then found that private proxies were the way to go so I purchased 10 proxies from Proxy-hub. I have
    tested these and have yet to have them work. Message continues to be "not working" I contacted Proxy-hub and they insist the proxies
    are working fine, and suggested that I change the port from 80 to 7777. Did this, still not working. Please note I unchecked "automatically
    disable private proxies when detected to be down."
    The status never changes to Working. Anyway, in addition to not being able to get the private proxies to work, my number of links I am
    achieving has been dramatically reduced. I have been running GSA for 4 hours and can only get 30 DoFollow links. It is this
    reduced link generation that I am most concerned about, but would like to get the proxy issue resolved as well. The error message I
     am seeing on my project durring the slow down is as follows:
     "No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site list enabled, no scheduled posting)"
    It "GSA" has become very sluggish and slow and sits for long periods of time without apparently doing anything. Any suggestions will be most welcome
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    @silkandsterling drop your proxy provider and get a better one. I am scraping massive lists right now on just a VPS server, and GSA is posting to A LOT of websites. I'm using 30 semi dedicated proxies from for posting with GSA, and also scraping with those with gscraper (I also have other types of proxies for scraping from different sources).

    It's not an issue with GSA. YOU have to feed the beast with lists. That means you need proxies that work if you want to scrape lists.
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    Yes, 10 proxies is not sufficient now a days. Min 30 proxies are required to run the beast.
  • ^ I agree. I am about to upgrade to 60
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