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text to .sl file conversion

googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
I have 4 big text files saved and want to import into their appropriate sections of gsa...verified/identified/etc

When I try to import them directly via options it keeps telling me 'no valid archive type'

Can I convert text files to an .sl file to upload somehow?

If not, I seem to be able to import text files into a specific project but that doesnt say anything about sorting it into the various types verified/identified/etc and if that saves them to the global lists for all projects to pull from or if it is contained within that project.



  • If by big text files you mean simple txt with links, then you will need SER to sort those links by engine type before they can be added into Verified/Identified and other folders. For this you can use either Identify and sort in feature in Global options - Tools, or setup a dummy project (-s) and let it sort links via SER. For details search on this forum via Google, it was discussed plenty of times

    .sl is basically an arcchive with many txt files labeld as engines, so unless your txts is that you cannot create an .sl file
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    Ok, so I need to export the .sl files from PI projects so I can import them how I want directly to the global lists already identified vs having them main gsa software have to identify them all over again upon import of a text file...

    What is the point of the output of the text files then for all the different engines at the same time?
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