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Delete urls from file/clipboard

Odd feature request, would like to know if anyone else would find this useful - in the verified list window, I would have either a file or copied onto the clipboard, a list of urls that I want to delete and in the verified urls window, right click menu, an option to delete urls from file/clipboard. 


Well, at the moment I manually export the verified urls each project at a time, run them through programs like Moz checker and links maid etc. and then delete all verified links and replace them with the clean links. Not only is this time consuming, but when you delete and re-add the links, all the PR/Anchor etc. data is lost..

Would anyone else find this useful? @sven can it even be done?


  • SvenSven

    1. show verified urls

    2. right click -> select-> URLS being in file

    3. right click -> delete selected

  • Haha, thanks @sven just me being blind! Thats going to save me countless hours!
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