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Did need me indexer (Budget is Low)

Hello guys!

I don't have now $ to pay some index service,i bought VPS,proxy,gsa,captcha and doesn't have cash.
So can i manually index links?


  • Have a look for IMSlave's meta/ping tool, should be able to get hold of it.
  • Can you afford $20 for GSA SEO Indexer? If not, you can always just download it for free and use the demo version for a while until you can afford the $20.

    You created this in the GSA SEO Indexer forum so does that mean that you already have that and want something more, you don't know what it is, the demo isn't cutting it for your needs, or the $20 is just too much?
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    1. Look up free bulk ping sites. This can help. Just load your verified lists into those.
    2. Proxies + GSAs in built ping setup
    3. GSA Seo Indexer, if you can budget it
    4. Posts with 10-20 urls in each. Hit guestbooks ETC, and get those links out there.
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