Tapatalk for GSA forum.

Hi i have tested tapatalk with gsa forum and it does not work..
It just loads up the forum but cant get through or get in the forum.



  • Yeah I get this too, but I just use the website rather than Tapatalk and it works fine.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    hmm taptalk should work just fine. what error do you get?
  • You should try opening some topics or threads..

    It does not open.. It just loads... Hope you can debug it for test
  • @sven any updates?
  • Same as Molex - just loads but no threads.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    strange...set things up exactly as they advised to. I guess I have to borrow the mobile from my g/f and check as I don't own any. Will do when im back home (still far away).
  • @Sven‌ why don't you own a mobile phone? I guess it's because you can't do coding on it? :)
  • @sven

    thanks for checking this out.. hoping that the tapatalk will work soon.
    actually it loads the section but cannot load the thread & contents..
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    @bangkoklad I can code on mobiles and did that before. But I don't own one because I don't like that anyone knows where I am or what I do. I also like to be offline when I leave the office...Im with my family and friends (irc) and thats enough. At work I reach my g/f as she is online over irc with me so really no need to have a mobile at all. As I hate this social crap anyway there is no need for me to let everyone know what I like or not.

    Think about it...

  • "I hate this social crap anyway there is no need for me to let everyone know what I like or not. Think about it..."

    LOL! Agree 100%!!!  =D>
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    @Sven I have the same problems with tapatalk as well on my IPB forum when it needs an update. I have observed tapatalk slowing my website down from time to time when they are having server issues. We have even nicknamed it CRAPATALK.

    Anyway I had this same issue once when I uploaded the mobiquo folder, then installed the hook, but forgot to put the API key in for push notifications. I don't even know what software this is, so none of that might even apply, but I hope it will help somewhere down the line.

    PS- i dont own mobile devices either for the same reasons.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    the API key is there added correctly...will recheck it though.
  • =)
    waiting for the update with this thanks!
  • After 7 years of owning the cheapest, shittest mobile phones I've just got a smartphone. Kinda wish I didn't have it but I can check my servers on it through the RDP app.
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