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How can i save the seting rule for GSA email verifier and GSA email spider?

How can i save the seting rule for GSA email verifier and GSA email spider? And
when i use GSA Email Verifier and chose Full Testing.
Almost email show Unsure. What's the problem?
Plz look at the image.

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    A "Can not connect" error means usually you are blocking the program from accessing the server (firewall/anti virus) or your ISP is not allowing you to connect to it.


  • But why it still show some not valid checked email?
  • and i do not use any anti virus. Firewall is also open for GSA email verifier
  • SvenSven

    Then it must be your ISP.

    Emails being set to invalid are those with no proper syntax or a domain that doesn't exists.

  • @sven I have same issues when checking auto-generated popular gmail emails. Also, I'm using 10 private proxies (ISP shouldn't be an issue with proxies, right?). 

    I wanted to see if it's the proxies or my ISP, so I loaded 1200 yahoo emails I bought which I know most should be OK. They were returned OK as expected and not Unsure as these gmail ones..

    So what's the problem, is it GMAIL?
  • SvenSven
    what message do you get in detail for those gmail once?
  • Yes, I have to agree with Sven, my ISP also block port 25, and it usually is the reason for your verification problems. First try to telnet port 25 and if it does not work (I mean try to connect to SMTP server on port 25)...
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