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GSA not crawling duplicate files from different repository

Hi i am new to GSA. There is a problem which my team is facing with GSA.

We have multiple connector instances on same GSA server. i.e., we have different connector connector instances for Dev, QA, UAT on the same GSA server for some reason we are replicating the same content for Dev and UAT to see how the crawl and everything happens so when a page or document is published on UAT the same is done on Dev too. The odd behavior with the GSA is it only crawls through either Dev or UAT but not on both. Any info would be helpful.


  • SvenSven

    probably an access restriction.

    btw ... GSA = company!

  • VijayarajVijayaraj India
    edited July 2014
    @omkar20xx I'm just taking a guess here. It looks like you have made one purchase of SER which means you can install it on 3 system but can run only one instance at any given time

    Oh this is about indexer then I'm not sure
  • @sven - No there is no access restriction. However there was a new development today where when i modified the page and republished in the environment in which it was not getting crawled previously was getting crawled.

    @Vijayraj - No the crawler itself is not crawling the pages sometimes
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