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SER crashes when re-verifying links

SER keeps on crashing when do re-verifying, even on 500 threads and 110 proxies it still crashes after 10/15 minutes

I have sent a bug report, i wanted to know if i am the only one with this problem




  • SvenSven
    please do that again and make a reference to this thread.
  • Send you a report

  • SvenSven

    thanks. The problem seems to be the sites itself who get too big.

    What do you have as filter setting for the max amount of bytes to download?

  • That is set at 1Mb, do i need to set that higher?
  • SvenSven
    Naw 1MB is good. So I don't really see why this reverification would cause trouble. Can you send a project backup where this happened?
  • Hi @sven

    I just cleaned GSA out lol, when i am done with my run i will sent you backup

    Did you know that the GSA manual has a internal server error

  • SvenSven
    yep noticed it now...will fix.
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