dofollow links


So short story, I created 10 projects with only dofollow, contextual engines..
So my question is, why do I still have 40% of nofollow links?

Any idea?
Thank you


  • Can't tell anything without looking at your settings
  • @Vijayaraj I don't see how settings have anything to do with this BUT I have sent you pics of my settings.
    If you know what could it be please let me know. Thanks.
  • Do you have any other campaigns beside those 10 which allow building of Nofollow links? And as far as I know, some networks who can be used to build dofollow links are not always allowing dofollows, sometimes it could be a nofollow.
  • You have left the "Try to skip creating nofollow links" option unchecked
  • Settings have everything to do with it, what types of links you select to create within the project, what platforms you are posting to.

    As a guess I would say it is a combination of 2 things;

    1. You have "Profile - Contextual" selected in the project for types of links created.  With some platforms they will create a profile (and make this link nofollow) and then post an article (follow link).
    2. You have some of the Wiki links being created, which are a proportion nofollow.

    But again, hard to know for sure without looking at the settings.  Plus you can also look at the links that are nofollow and this will help give a guide.
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