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Automailer Speed / Multiple Instances

I have two questions:

1) I am getting a sending speed of 4-5 seconds per mail. The maximum no. of mails I can send per hour is about 800-1000. Is there a way I can increase this? 

2) Can I run multiple instances of the software on the same machine to increase the Automailer sending speed?

thanks for answering.


  • SvenSven

    1) No, as its one email provider used and it has to send there in sequence.

    2) Sorry no.

  • Thank you for answering.

    But, why can't I run Multiple Instances of this program on my machine? (I have a powerful machine) and I want one instance to do the mailing, while another instance to do scraping - is this possible?
  • Adi, you'd need to create another account and purchase another license and run it there on the same machine.
  • @Yashar thanks for confirming this. 
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