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unkonw recaptcha and 300x57 update

@Sven I'm going through hell with 300x57. I just upgraded CB, and now they keep out on screen "unkown using recaptcha  unable to solve",

I have not marked solve unknow, but I still appear in the panel and on, they can go 20 or more of this type and then one of the others. With 300x57 filled the screen mentioned above are, it is impossible to work well with CB

As I can make unkown captchas are not visible?

As I can avoid all the 300x37?

there may be an option called:: Treat unkown captcha types as not present?

I do not have marked recaptcha, although I do not understand and also be a unkonw recaptcha, not because it jumps directly





  • SvenSven

    Hard to understand what you write but I guess you want to skip ReCaptcha and not solve it.

    Then why do you check the option "Treat unchecked captcha types as not present"? Please simply uncheck that box again and you will see the program know that ReCaptcha is identified and skipped.

  • is what you say and what makes that option, but not done well. That function works and if uncheked out all that I have marked.

    What I say is that it does not work very bien.Aun not see how to skip all 300x57, I even created a type of captcha 300x57 unkown and jog, png gif to try to skip the program.

    Keep passing the days, weeks, keep getting new options, but in no way CB jumping display only what CB process, my only I get a lot of garbage in ycreo screen would be much easier for the user leaving only what CB displayed processed.

    I still think it takes an option to skip captchas as of a given size is 300x57 captcha that such product can solve CB, because I can not show

    I do not want to see on my screen unkown occupying dicificil site and doing more reading. If I marked not solve them, I also see on the screen.

    Even so mean @Sven I appreciate the great effort made by your software you yque my criticism is positive


  • SvenSven
    sorry this is in no way something that makes sense. Please use a different translator.
  • good excuse
  • SvenSven
    Show me one guy that can read this and it makes sense! At least not for me. So stop trying being a smartass
  • porlapatria, can't you simply enable the 'Skip hard to solve captchas' option in SER?
  • Yes, it doesn't make sense, but I'm guessing... he wants to make those recaptchas disappear from CB, because he is not solving them, so he doesn't want to see them... If that's the case then cherub is right, "Skip hard to solve captchas" in SER...
  • Please do not put me @ Sven qualifiers to me, that's being rude, I also have an opinion about you but do not publish.

    You should focus on solving problems or or shut up. Not in disrespect of others that are its members.

    Would beg no more disrespect and less excuses as not interested. Apparently the other users if they find the problem and what have you.

    I will stop posting in the forum and will abide by the changes you make, and I do not hear the advice of almost anyone. Captchas can not jump, nor do we solve statistics for each OCR captcha. There are many things to improve not improved. I would be willing to give some gift, but I already bought 2 licenses so I hope some of you.

    I ask you what I understand because I've already asked in different post on your forum, but just understand what you want and when you want. Tell me you do not want or do not look interesting for other users.
  • olve1954  "skip hard to solve captchas"  Does not solve me nothing, because I just want CB to skip it, but if I want it to process in spamvilla, proxiesocr and other ocr that I have. What I want is to not go at CB or on the screen, if I have unchecked resolve uncheked don't want them to see.

    Thank you because if I have understood and thanks for the advice though does not. Actually I would serve long jump all the 300 x 57, something as simple to program and do.

    Best regards

    I just change the translator, to see if @Sven better understood me and not missing me respect.

  • SvenSven

    It's not about disrespect or being rude. All I said is that I was unable to understand what you wrote. You came up thinking it's for me a way to ignore you. Thats not the case and actually thats what I found to be a bit rude.

  • @porlapatria I seriously don't understand what you said in those posts but from the last post I get it that you want CB to skip recaptcha and spamvilla,proxiesocr or other ocr's to solve them rt??

    The thing about sven ignoring you and not correcting issues all I can say about is you are wrong. He is the most helpful person on this forum and takes every suggestion seriously and helps out the community

  • :-/

    Ok, I'll try again... cherub suggest you "Skip hard to solve captchas" in SER, here...


    If you do that, SER will not send those 300x57 captchas to CB, and you won't see it. Anyway it's just a display, why is it bothering you so much.

    Anyway, here's my CB settings,


    Hope this help.

    btw, Sven is a good and very helpful guy. It's just your english is very very difficult to understand, and I still don't understand what you want...
  • In its last capture below are 300 x 57, your configuration is not worth.

    The option that indicates is that only process the captchas hard what happens with normal?

    It is not that it is a screen, if I don't see the captchas that I miss and the unkown, vere more easily as well works CB and well qeu makes it the service of secondary captcha added to CB,.

    Now leave as many 300 x 57 and go so fast, that not enough time to see things. Besides CB although not processing displayed on screen and is loss of resources of the machine.

    Repeat the option that I inias "only for hard captchas" I already use it but otherwise much more efficient.  I you recommend Add again reverseocr under CB without adding that option so that also meet other types of captcha. I know all the options, is what CB is very simple, and as you will see I am using multiple OCR before and after CB, with which you indicate me and without that. But in his own capture go below 300 x 57 which should not leave.

    Is that Sven is good people, but we all have good and bad days.

    Everything that do not process CB because I have not marked either because it is unknown and I have since resolved not unknown because I have to leave on screen?, I can not evaluate what solves CB or secondary services.

    And in no way can I require to do so or let me case, but if I can express what to my makes me lack, and surely many of you if there is that option the would use.

    I'm using 7 services at the same time resolution of captcha to ultimately stay with 4, so if you touch the program, I am an expert at CB and know the shortcomings that have.  So when I give an opinion do it with knowledge because I make great use of the Software.

    My ultimate goal is to get the least amount of Captchas to DBC to contain expenses.


  • Sorry, are 8 ocr services there is no capture DBC also use.
  • Olve1954  You have to check in your "treat uncheked captchas types as not present" setting that you have without marking, and so recapcha not leave, but if he leaves unkonw recaptcha and fills the screen 300 x 57
  • edited July 2014
    @porlapatria, you better remove your AskMeBot key and request for a new one. Sorry, I still don't understand. I suggest you write in your own native language. Someone else in this forum maybe able to help you...

    And no, I don't need to check "Treat unchecked captcha types as not present".

    As Sven said (above),

    "Please simply uncheck that box again and you will see the program know that ReCaptcha is identified and skipped."

    And that's exactly what I want my CB to do, skip recaptchas...
  • You are not understanding what we are trying to say. It doesn't matter what you post we are unable to understand anything from it to give a response
  • Oops, I made a mistake. I was struggling so hard to understand porlapatria's english that I got confused myself, and captured the wrong screen. "Skip hard to solve captchas" is here,


    Do not ever select "Only for Hard captchas" for GSA-CB. It will render CB useless...

    Anyway, here's a possible solution for @porlapatria, if you don't want to see recaptchas in your CB.

    In SER Captcha settings,

    #1 SpamVilla, Retry 2
    #2 ReverseProxies, Retry 2
    #3 Mega OCR, Retry 2
    #4 Captcha Tronix, Retry 2
    #5 GSA CB, Retry 2
    #6 DBC, Retry 1

    By the time it reaches, #5 GSA CB, there will be little or no recaptchas left to solve...

  • If you use this option in a campaign, no difficult captcha will be sent to any ocr service, it is silly to use it. because almost 80% of the captchas are reCAPTCHAs or clones captcha.

    if you use this option do not use any OCR, just use CB

    Seeking solve captchas Maximum number of possible and for that I have to have clean information on the screen and I did not go unknown Catpchas images if you do not have marked.

    CB alone really only solves 15% of what you send, really is a bit more, but also gives false positives. even with such a low rate, with savings CB about 115 $ a week, so CB is very useful and highly recommended by me.

    I repeat, if you give the option to skip difficult captchas in a campaign, you lose 80% chance to place your link. It costs a lot to find places to put a link to lose 80% of it. The best links are behind pages using reCAPTCHAs, so using this option is to put limits on yourself.

    This option only Tier 3 would use a sink, where I want thousands of links with cost 0. But tier1, 2 and even money site, if I want to solve these captchas.

    I hope you will understand me perfectly, I all options concerning captchas there both SER and CB

    Finally do the more times you repeat OCR is a more complicated to solve the Recaptcha. This is more difficult few more retries.

    Your suggestion of 2 per OCR has two consequences.

    OCR collapse and surpass my limits to retry twice.

    The whole process is very slow because too many repetitions. The LPM is very much reduced.

    I appreciate your advice, but I deeply tested flow solve Captchas and now this is the best setup I've got.

    I only need to have the cleanest CB screen and not display unknown Capthas me if I have not checked it so difficult?'s this?

  • @Sven Must be a translation error in one of your sentences to translate something sounds bad in Eng, maybe that is the problem

    if so, my apologies publicly he has been a misunderstanding. Not my style to be heavy, I find it hard to communicate in this language, sorry
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