New Panda Update. Anyone affected?

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There is a rumor that a new panda update was released.

One of my main website got totally killed another is much better.

Anyone seeing important changes?


  • really? when was it meant to have taken place?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I haven't noticed any changes on any of my sites.
  • None here either :)
  • my poweruphosting is down... can't check my site... it 2 days down already...

    i will manually check my site now...
  • darma82, sadly you are not the only one, this downtime is really unaceptable for a company that claimed 100% uptime.

    About the hit itselft, can't say i have noticed anything just yet.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    You should have used Berman...still running issues and more affordable.. 
  • i ve been hit as well,
  • Anyone has a good reference on how to overcome a panda penalty?
  • ronron
    Go to trafficplanet. Since that is a pure seo question you asked, it would be best to get involved there.
  • @darman82 The migration is almost completed and around 95% of the customers have already received the new migrated login details. Please message me if you haven't received yours.

    @pisco This really isn't a downtime (Maintenance is never really considered as downtime). There was a huge migration, maintenance and server upgrade which was due since long months and I emailed everyone 2 weeks prior.

    We have covered a lot of things in maintenance and server upgrade:

    1) Networks are a lot more faster (Please make sure to pick the correct location while doing speedtest as we have servers at different location)

    2) In most of the cases, we have upgraded all the servers to a much more faster processor which means better results and software would work faster.

    3) Our Uptime has been a wooping 100% (Again maintenance and upgrades are never considered under the Uptime Guarantee)

    4) We have also upgraded all the other hardwares  like better and faster RAM, better Hard Disk etc. which will highly increase the performance of the server.

    P.S. Never the judge a server based on a speedtest results because they are often wrong. Also look at the type of processor, RAM and other hardware parts you are getting.
  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited December 2012
    if anything I noticed my sites that where hit hard in february-may panda changes
    regain much of their positions to pre panda status starting about 10 days ago
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