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Auto_Anchor & Auto_Anchor_Article switch


I think it is important for GSA to have a Switch feature for Auto_Anchor.dat and Autho_Anchor_Article.dat since I work on multi language projects and it is not "optimal" to have to stop projects (English) to work on foreign language Projects. Is there any chance to add this feature? A simple checkbox could do it so the user can actually define if he/she will be using default files or customized files. This will be a great feature. There are many people using GSA for international projects.



  • SvenSven
    You can do that already. Copy those files to a folder of your choice and change it's content. Then you define that folder in the project options where you choose the dat folder.
  • Thanks a lot Sven!
  • @Sven

    There is a problem with autho_anchor and auto_anchor_article. These 2 files are not called by GSA when I provide a specific folder for my dat files. The rest of the files (names, last names etc.) are working perfectly. Is there anything that I may be doing wrong?
  • SvenSven

    Hmm is that folder accessible by SER? I tested it and other customers did that before as well and it was working. I also see no issue when having a quick look on the source.

    Do you see this on submission or just by TEST?

  • Hi Sven,

    Thanks for the reply. The problem is during submission. I've noticed this with a couple of articles and blogs. GSA is not calling the "dat folder" for some files. Also, another user told me that neither image comments nor blog comments are loading as "default content". Is this normal?

    I noticed the blog comment issue and fixed by adding the text directly to the blog comments box. Same thing happened with "about yourself".

    Please advise.

  • SvenSven

    Changing the default comment files is not doing anything as that is loaded to a newly created project.

    Anyway can you provide a project backup and sample URL where this happened?

  • Hi Sven,

    It seems that the problem has been solved. I did a couple of experiments and they are all working. Thanks a lot.

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