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Success Rate Variations

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Hey guys,

we have tested GSA extensively now - and there is one thing that strikes us suprised:

When we only use 1 URL in the URL Field, we get around 700+ verified links (only for social network)
When we use 8-10 URLs in the URL Field, we only get around 200-250 verified links (only for social network)

I don't know where the problem stems from, but it seems like it's a verification issue. 

And we have a big sample size of 30-40 Projects with just 1 URLs and 10-20 with more than 1 URL. The end result is always the same.

Further infos:
We use our own list 
We use over 700 private proxies
All projects have the same setup (they don't differ except for the number of URLs in the URL Field)

Any idea what we can do to increase the success rate for projects with more than 1 URL?



  • SvenSven
    I can hardly believe this as there is no difference when submitting one URL vs. many. One URL is chosen before the submission and is used everywhere than as a fixed variable. Are these URLs with root URLs or sublinks?
  • The one with the 8-10 URLs per project are Web 2.0 sites like, etc. pp.

    We're gonna test a bit more - but it seems like the verification of the links is just bugging out, as all the projects (those with only one URL and those with multiple URLs) get 1000+ submitted links (not verified), but during verification only the projects with 1 URL get 600+ Verified Links somehow?

    We also changed the inis to not add an automatic anchor at the end of the article, we insert them with <a href tag - but that hasn't been problematic sofar.

  • SvenSven

    Well that could be the reason. If the software chooses a different link for the submission that the one you added into your content than it will not be able to verify it.

    If you however use the <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> in your content or at least only the %url%, it will not add the extra html tag and also work as you want it.

  • edited August 2012
    Thanks, we figured that'd be the problem - we will try another run!

    Great support,


    Edit: Tested and worked! Thanks a lot, Sven! 
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