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[Awaiting Verification] Problem

Why all of a sudden has my ver rate decreased a lot!

Gsa says [awaiting verification] on a few engines now:

This never used to happen.

Proxies: 25 working which isn't the problem

i cleaned up my engines also ( exported ver stats and unchecked low ones)

any idea why this happens now? Does it happen to you?


  • Has been like this for a long , long time. Forums, Articles and a couple of others just sit in awaiting verification mode.
  • YEah it is same with me... Since yesterday, i am getting this problem..
  • it is annoying, 45k submitted 4k ver...

    most of the good engines say [awaiting verification] which is gay.. 

    this needs to be fixed
  • I have this too, i let gsa run for a couple of more hours and the amount of submitted decreased (most are not verified though).

    i'd say, try 2 or 3 links and see where it's going wrong. It could be that no verification emails are being sent, or that the mails are not being verified. In the case of for example dokuwiki (and some zendesk platforms) the passwords in the emails are not being picked up.

    anyway, there are enough things you can try to pinpoint where it's going wrong @Anth20 . help Sven and us out by doing some own debugging.
  • Nothing has changed though, it has only started doing this recently, and to a few friends too, so it can't just be my side.

    Something is wrong. @Choller
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    Anth20 said:
    i cleaned up my engines also ( exported ver stats and unchecked low ones)

    *Ignore OP. I'm checking my old posts, I seen myself mention this years ago. Anyone know how I do it now?

    I assume I meant that I checked the success rates of engines and stopped using engines with low success rates?
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