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How to increase speed for Active (V)?

I am running the Active (V) for the remaining submitted links from my projects, and there are about 20k plus links. But GSA is running real slow in getting these verified. Is there a way to speed it up? It seems to be moving like 3-5 submitted links per minute or so. Also, for normal projects, I set the thread count to 500, but when I am running all Active (V), the threads count goes down to 1-4. Is GSA not able to do verifications on all 500 threads for this type of work?

Typically how long does it take for 20k plus links in Active (V) to be fully verified?


  • ronron
    On my set-up, a few minutes. Something doesn't seem right, but I have no clue why that would be happening. 
  • Hi @ron, thanks for your input. After reading your reply, I went to check my settings, and I noticed under proxies, I did not tick 'verification', so I guess it wasn't using any form of proxies to do the verifications. Once I've ticked it, and set it to use my 'private' proxies, the thread count goes up to 500, and the speed picks up from there. Many thanks.
  • edited June 2014
    Hi @ron, one question that I have though, let's say I used 10 emails to do submissions on a previous project, and it has a list of submitteds but not yet verifieds, let's say 5000. Then I swap out the emails with a fresh 10 new emails to continue to do the submissions, and it has another 5000 submitteds and not verifieds. During the verification phase, does it mean that GSA is not able to do the verification for the first 5000s submitteds since the email accounts associated with the first 5k submitteds are now removed? And it is only able to do the second 5k submitted verifications only?

    Also, after I ticked on using proxies for the verifications, the thread count went up to 500, but now it came back down to 3-5 only, and the speed slowed down once again. Do you have any idea as to why this will happen?
  • ronron
    You have to do verification before you swap out emails for exactly the reason you stated - it literally can't check on the emails.

    I now use proxies for everything except email verification. We tested it and found some improvement without using proxies - enough for us to make the switch. But I always use proxies for verifications.

    The thread count goes down once it has 'recently' tried verifying. For example, to make it easier to understand, say it used 500 threads to check on 500 submitteds. Once it does that, it isn't just going to keep pounding those 500 links repeatedly without a break - there isn't a point in doing that. Also, there is no point in checking an email that says to wait '900 seconds' before checking again. So the threads just go down because there is nothing left to do.

    The latest versions of SER do a great job of verifying without any noticeable slowing down of posting. Somehow Sven reallocated the threads so that they operate much more efficiently, so posting continues at a very past pace even though some projects may be verifying. I no longer use Active(V) except when changing emails. Other than that, I never use it. I have all projects set to Automatic 1440. And I'm getting 400+ LPM.

    When using Active(V), and when you see it go down to just a few threads - you are done. Shut if off. Do whatever you have planned next. 
  • Thanks @ron, for the very clear and helpful answers.
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