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BermanHosting anyone know how to contact them?

I ve a shitty vps with them and I need to access it but I can not , I would like ot know if anyone here can direct me to a contact ? And yes I opened ticket , shooted mails etc .. suggestions?

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    no i faced a downtime 7 days back, and when i contacted them they said some node issue was there and it might take "Several hours". Thats what they said and I waited and waited. I sent a support ticket and they replied after 24 hours saying to wait for some more time

    I still waited and after 5 days i got pissed and asked for complete refund for that month as I lost a lot of money due to the downtime..My stupid mistake was I didnt backup some part of it so I lost all of it

    Now yesterday another VPS went down (facepalm)..And I opened a ticket yesterday and no reply..They are probably enjoyig their weekends...sighh


  • And wow one day and they do not answer , never seen something like this . No hosting ever behaved like this . Total nightamere stay away company
  • yea same here..been with them for almost 2 years and they have gone totally bonkers. I faced 5 days of downtime with them and they cared to reply after 24 hours each..This hasnt happened to 1 VPS but 2 of them 
    i mean wtf!?

    My advice is to move on to some other and consider berman as a bad dream.
  • 5 days??? @hoolak you are still with them and can not login at the moment?

    Last time they answered you after 5days?
  • and No I am not with them..I have moved to solidseovps..Lets see how it goes
  • Yeah I even called those idiots and they do not answer . Really the worst Hosting support in my life and trust me I deal with plenty of them .  SO you telling me that you have lost everything in that box? They didnt manage to give you back your content?
  • well yea I lost the list of past month which I made..Thankfully i had it saved in my dropbox..So its not really a big loss but I did lose some of it which I have to work on to build again.

    I had told them to give me access to the VPS so i can backup but I havent heard back from them after the refund
  • Nightmare , now 2 days and no answer. I think they are going out of business.
  • wow this nodes are killers :

    Please, accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
    There are technical issues on the node you are on. Our technical team is trying to fix the problem. 
    Maybe today or tomorrow your VPS will be online again.


    And one more time, please, accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    tThey think 10 additional days will make the trick ...
  • ROFL!

    THey gave me same exact reply

    Don't believe them. They will keep you waiting. Just ask for refund and move away

  • They say that no one can access to VPS now . ANd that they will give me back my data asap. That is the only thing I want , my data and then I will pleasantly leave them with their money . I do not care. I just now remember that they also billed my Credit card twice in a month and never got a refund from them. THey are total bonkers really. Never use them . EVER.
  • Just an update

    My other VPS on berman got hacked

    This is what they say

    we tried everything to fix your server, but it seems your VPS has been hacked.We have to prepare you new machine , but you will not able to save your old files.
    Please, accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    God save them
  • Hello,

    you dont have to worry about your.No data will be lost.It is another kind of problem.

    this is what they wrote me.
  • edited June 2014
    same here. The hacked VPS is back up now but I am not staying with them. Will use it while it lasts. Maybe a few more days
  • mine is still down ..
  • and the final news about berman is here :


    the host that you are on is blocked, because of spammers.We are trying to find the spammers and when everything is OK the server will be online.

  • At least tehy could try to invent something better? No fantasy....
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