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GSA SER isn't safe?

I just purchased this software after reading so many reviews on how good it is and now after purchasing I'm reading that's not safe to use?

I'm confused. What did I just pay 100$ for?


  • goonergooner
    It's not safe to spam 1000's of links to your site with this software or any software.
    You need to know SEO to use SER successfully. SER is just a tool.
    Just like hammer... In good hands you can bang in nails, in bad hands you can smash someones head in :D
  • It's not safe to spam thousands of links to your site... Well, what is it safe to do then? Spam a "few" links?

    You could do that with your hands. I don't get it.
  • @idkwut I would suggest you scout a few SEO forums on safe link building
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    Maybe you can try to answer your own question. 

    Did you expect to pay $100 for a tool and press "Start", go enjoy your cup of coffee, come back and watch the money come in?

    Think like this. You want to race in the formula1 circuit. Yet you don't have enough money to buy a ferrari and instead you buy a honda accord for $10.000 and expect to win the race.

  • I will give you my honest answer...

    So 5 months ago I was crap here and there about Google what this and that, until my doctor diagnosed me schizophrenia and trauma and Bi-polar-disorder... yes for real...

    TBH my seo has never been better. I think clearer and faster than any of the fuckards on the Google product forums could ever think and I'm very happy now.

    So you are just a bottom feeder sifting through the shit good look to you, it will take you many many hours for reading.

    P.S Don't be a lazy bastard and read some more

    Goodbye :)
  • goonergooner
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    @idkwut - You need to know SEO. The questions you are asking shows you don't know it well enough to be very successful yet.

    No tool is going to replace knowledge. Read up and learn your trade. Or buy a domain you don't care about and test what happens with SER.
  • Use SER to learn Seo!
  • don't waste your time :-B
  • I know that I need to learn more about SEO. Absolutely. However, no one is giving me straight answer. I want to know why this "tool" is worth the money. What does it do that I couldn't do with "SEO knowledge"? Not to mention the extra hundreds have to come up with for the other tools you have to use with it.

    I see advertisements on this site for even more tools and lists to increase LPM etc. if you can't safely send that many links then why is that being advertised? It's just confusing and contradicting.
  • @idkwut what you should do is not bother with SER.  Instead send me your license details so I don't need to buy a 3rd copy
  • What you should do is help a brother out
  • Why purchase something if you have no clue on how to use it?
  • What do you mean? People always buy software without knowing how to use it. How would know how to use something without ever using it?

    The reason I purchased was told it was great software for building backlinks. It was my understanding that it would be great product for helping me get ranked, but I had no idea it wasn't "safe to use" or could penalize your website?

    I'm just looking for some help/answers. Is there a better place on the site I can post for support?
  • KaineKaine
    You really think they'll do the job for you ? 

  • Where did I ask someone to do jobs for me?

    I see you have asked for help yourself. Did expect them to do jobs for you? Like wtf lol

  • You are exactly the type of customer I would refund right away to get rid of you.

    You buy software without reading blogs/forums about software, watching videos, trying demo, etc.?

    Go read up on how people are using this software and test strategies for yourself and make adjustments.
  • This is warriorforum all over again
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    @idkwut‌ you're an idiot! Better you ask for a refund and go play World of Warcraft in your basement, this software is not for you :-@
  • @idkwut first of all I'm not your brother or bro or any other BH kiddie term

    Secondly, everything you need to know is on this forum.  Spend some time reading up on SER and how to use it.

  • davbel

    what is your meaning of BH??

  • @william88‌ black hat?
  • idkwut,

    SER is a powerful tool that can help you rank your site in the search engines. It can build many thousands of backlinks for you per day automatically. Different people have different strategies for using it effectively. Some have developed a way of doing SEO with it that works safely for them, others don't care so much about using it safely.

    Understandably, people who have a successful strategy using this might not divulge every detail of how they do it. Most people using this have put in a lot of time and effort into learning SEO and experimenting with this tool to get results that they are happy with. You might have to do the same.

    Having said that, there is a thread on the very same page of the forum as this one in which Tim89 outlines basically his approach to using SER successfully and safely. Ron also has posted many times about how he uses SER successfully. You need to read more of the forum for your answers.

    I will say though, that if you do not understand why using a tool like SER could be harmful for your site, then you have a lot to learn about SEO before you are likely to see much success.

  • Hi @idkwut, GSA ser is a really powerful piece of software. I wished I had this back when I started seo in 2005. Again, as many members pointed out, it is a tool and your success largely depends on how you set the tool to run. Having said that, this software certainly takes a lot of time to learn and master properly, I personally took 3 weeks to read up on everything I can soak up, and to do tests and more tests until I am comfortable to start running it to my money site using my version of filters, that I am comfortable with.

    Here's 2 really good threads that I've started to read when I just got started, perhaps it can point you in the right direction, it's about tiered link building, which is safer as compared to just straight out spamming to your site:

    Also, buy some lists from some of the forum members, one that I respect and am buying religiously all the time is from @ron, search for him and see the lists he provides. His team comes out with 2 lists per month and they also provide their customers with some really good tutorials. This is where I also learned how to put my gsa into hyperdrive to get really good results (good results meaning number of verified links).

    All the best!

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