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Proxy problem 50 private proxies please see my settings and suggest

Purchased 50 private proxies from yesterday. but i cant get all the proxies to be working consistently.

Here is my global options->submission setting

Threads to use 60

HTML time out 180

Search Engines -> private only
custom time to wait betweeen search queries 180 seconds
submission -> private only (with skip for identification)
pr checking -> Public only
Verification -> private + public 
Email checking -> private

LPM 45

Am i doing anything wrong here ? Why my proxies become automatically disabled within just 15 to 30 minutes after the first check says all are working. (tested against google)


  • ronron
    edited June 2014
    I honestly can't give you an assessment with certainty, but I think the mistake is Squid Proxies. I tried using them 3 or 4 years ago for Scrapebox, and they couldn't handle the load. And trust me, GSA SER hits proxies harder than Scrapebox. I would drop them right away and get buyproxies.

    I use my 30 'buyproxies' to do everything except email checking. Here is a screenshot:


    So quite honestly, I think you are screwing it up by using public proxies (where you are using them). I understand your logic, but I would give it a try for everything. You must have private proxies for verification no matter what. Public proxies are too unstable, and you will get too many false negatives. If you must use them, only use them for PR checking.

    I don't think you have a bad problem. 45 is not a bad LPM as you are using search engines. I would make sure you have enough search engines (for example when I use them, I check all English speaking which is like 150), I might lower the html timeout to 120, and I would analyze if you are using good engines to make links.

    My gut is that you are using some bad engines which is slowing you down. So go to Main Options > Advanced > Tools > Show Stats > List1 vs List2. You will understand immediately when you see that screen where you can make improvements.
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    Thanks so much for your brief answer @ron .
    Ive replicated your settings and then SER stopped due to no active proxies :D
    Ive restarted it its now working with just 3 active proxies out of 50 ive purchased.
    I was with buyproxies since last week but when their proxies did almost the same thing as squidproxies is doing i left them and now trying squidproxies. Should i  wait to see if active proxies increase in some time ? or this is not going to improve much and waste of waiting to see improvement ?

    I've used the tools ->list 1 vs list 2 of identified URL all the engines says 100% is it okay or anything wrong with it ?

    Also is it okay to uncheck "Search Engines" under proxies ? it means that we are going to use our computer's ip (dedicated server) to scrape from search engines wont that get my computer's ip banned so soon ?
  • ronron
    Do not uncheck search engines. You do not want anything happening to your IP (as in getting your account closed).

    If you are looking at what the SER proxy test is saying (as in most are red), do not pay attention to that. That doesn't mean anything. Check your proxies in Scrapebox or another software. If they are working, then they are working, and there is no problem.

    I think that you think you have a problem, and nothing is wrong.
  • okay Ron i checked search engines.

    your settings amuses me, you have only 30 proxies but set the threads all the way upto 1000 !
    is that screenshot is your real live settings or just random setting to show me an example for proxy ?
  • @balajiseo ron uses verified list, he doesn't scrape using ser that's why he unchecked proxies for search engines

    your name suggests you are from India
  • edited June 2014
    @vijayaraj yes i am from India :)
    yes i just remember that his setting might be due to verified list and not for scraping.

    Even now all proxies when tested manually against google, bing are working but when put into action its number greatly reduce within few minutes which makes GSA SER automatically stops after some time :-(
    i dont know when im going to get a solution for this aaarrgg !!!
  • @balajiseo did you check those proxies on scrapebox?
  • @vijayaraj My god i just checked the proxies in scrapebox ONLY 7 out of 50 of them passed Google.
    I will have to ask to squidproxy support to replace them.
  • Yep in my personal experience they suck that's why I switched out of them... I initially started with them a year back
  • Ive already spend a lot of money in buying proxies, not sure if i can get refund from them, if yes then ill have to find some other provider.
    Who are you using ? 
  • I use buy proxies semi dedicated and since I just use SER for my single site I only use 10 proxies 10$
  •  i was with them in 30 proxies plan, and now with squidproxies with 50 proxies plan.
    infact squidproxies owner is in this forum and he said he is selling proxies to for resale ! thats how i ended buying with squidproxies.
  • im running 25 projects including the tiers ! :-(
  • @balajiseo Yeah I can see you are a service provider :) Nope buy proxy is hell lot better than squid almost everyone on this forum will agree
  • Yes  i am :)
    Squidproxy replaced me the dead proxies with new one so far all the proxies are going steady so far :-)
    Let me see if this keeps up.
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    "infact squidproxies owner is in this forum and he said he is selling proxies to for resale ! thats how i ended buying with squidproxies." 

    That's a huge lie!!!! How they could sell to us when they don't even support user and pass or they don't have EU location (which we have both). Stop believing those dissperate liars, the gsa users can confirm that our proxies are better so how a reseller could beat a seller? 
  • ronron
    Hey @buyproxiesorg - I was wondering how you got all your proxies. ROFL.

  • edited June 2014
    yep, we get them from them which are more expensive than us (as is visible on the first pages of the sites) and we sell them on loss because f.. logic, that's why :d
  • @ron
    I just watched the screenshot you posted above, and the "Email checking" box (unticked) is different of the settings that your team suggest in the "Global Settings" pdf.
    What's the final best suggested setting about this box?
  • ronron
    @peterperseo - We did some more testing of that setting, and found it was better to not use proxies on email checking. I am not saying significantly better, but a measurable difference. Nothing that would make a huge difference.
  • Thanks again @ron for the great help!
  • peterperseo and ron you can tick or untick this option, but if you what to use proxies for email checking then you need only sock proxies, as simple http proxies not working with pop3 protocol...

    I think many of you are confused of this option, and i think it should be even described in side of this option, because most of members not using socks therefore this email checking is useful, not sure if that cause some problems, but that cause confusion for sure...
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