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Deleting Low Success Rate Platforms

I read somewhere that deleting platforms that show a less than 10% submit success rate on your verified list stats is optimal. Uncheck the platforms then save the engine configurations in the project. Next time you can just load those up as defaults and modify from there. 

I can see how this would increase the number of links made in a given amount of time, but what about link diversity? Do you think this hurts you more than it helps you? The one link that platform builds could be a PR9 or something crazy. I dunno, just throwing it out there. 


  • TBH once you start running lists rather than letting SER scrape this becomes irrelevant - If it's in the list then there's a really good chance SER can post to it, so you don't need to filter like we used to do.
  • True I agree with you, but running lists all the time won't give me niche related links just targets to post to. I'll have to use footprints and scrape with scrapebox then import those url's. Sometimes it's just easier to let GSA do the work for me. 

    I can see where you're coming from though. 
  • One thing I was thinking about though is let's say I scrape URLs in Scrapebox then I have a bunch of niche related links. That's essentially the same thing as scraping with GSA (unless I use custom footprints)

    If I only want to post to high PR links, can I just set the PR/OBL filter in GSA and import my list of URLs and it will post accordinly?

    If not, then I'd have to check PR is Scrapebox THEN import the list with no filters.

    Do I have that right?
  • Yes
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