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why club multiple urls together?

When we create a new campaign the very first thing we are asked to provide is the URL of whatever we wanna blast.  I know people club many URLS together in this field.  I don't understand why1?

If i have a 1000 AA list and i enter 5 urls that means each url gets 200 links on average.

If i create a brand new campaign for each url then that url get the full 1000 links.

Am i thinking on the right lines here?  If so why do you club them together and lose links?


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Some people don't want all 1000 links to go to 1 url. Some people want 5 or 100 links per URL so they put more than one into the box.

    Seems pretty simple to me.
  • But isn't more links better?

    Why would someone want less links?
  • @Cozziola it depends on what you are trying to do.

    For C&B, more = better
    For longevity, less = more
  • Thanks man that makes sense.

    In your eyes how many links is in the lets make it last list.  How many is churn and burn?

    I know as we move lower tier wise we blast more and more.

    Is say 5k links at each and every tier 1 sensible or reckless?
  • 5k at T1 in a short period would be generally reckless, but that also depends on the niche, the comp how old / new the site is. There's no wrong or right answer.   

    If you are unsure, I'd start slow and build rather than going all guns blazing

  • Thanks man
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