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Quesiton on negative link velocity

I decided to monitor how many more links I am getting each day per site, not just total.

To my concern I noticed that each one I was chekcing was actually going down by several K per day. I have reverify set to every day.

Does this mean Im actually losing links every day in the long run or do I still have to wait a little longer to figure out averages?


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    It depends: It's because of indexing. It's not just about how many links per day you build but also how many are indexed. If it's at 40% and you build 1000 links per day, then the second day you will have 600 remaining links plus 1000 = 640 links indexed. Sooner or later you'll hit a bottle neck, usually when SER starts to idle for a few days (seems like now for you), at this point what I'll do is just duplicate the campaigns. I never run SER full throttle from day one, perhaps day 10/14 because what you don't want is a bottleneck before it's even indexed.

    Leave your existing campaigns running for a little while longer (until there is no point running them) and duplicate them today and set them at the average number of links you've been losing per day (backlink checker) for the last 30 days, this should sort it. Also adjust your anchors if you use monitoring tools, start slow until you get the right balance, then increase to average loss per day and some with your existing campaign.

    Overall it all depends on the amount of targets you have, amount of projects, amount of links built per day and how many are being indexed per day, plus your strategy . If you're running steady then I would say for one website SER won't start to bottleneck until day 14/30+ and you probably won't see deleted backlinks for another 2 weeks after that. If you duplicate campaigns with no data for deleted links then balance your link acquisition at indexing rates (links built depending on indexing rates so you may build many more) + (5/50% per month) until you have better data.
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