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Hotmails authentication errors

Hello my hotmail accounts are dieing very fast . I get Auth errors , anything to change in gsa settings?


  • i use hotmail too, but i do not have this problem.
    Check if password is correct in that project.
    I notice few times strange characters in password field.
  • password is correct , I check everything before project start . I put time between 2 logins at 950 . I just get this error . Any help?
  • Per account else pop3 has to be checked?
  • also I nevr use pèroxy to check mails , should I ?
  • edited June 2014
    sorry, maybe someone else will have any suggestion.
    I also dont use proxie to check emails but i have un-checked that box for login time.

    Maybe you did, but i will ask you anyway, did you try to login to mail account manualy, in browser?

    In Main Options/in Subbmision there is also option to check email with proxy.(E-mail checking)
  • Got the same problem i bought emails from He says that everything works fine for him,but my GSA shows the same problem as theguruland. Pleas help :) Best
  • I also got the problem when bought my own domain and made my own emails. On Xrumer it works perfect and here not. Pleas help.
  • maybe something to do with the new version? I am using v8.50 atm and it is going fine.
  • Hello I HOPE I ve got solution for this problem , just untick the Per account else pop up 3 server and it will not give you this error anymore
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