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Proxies vs VPN which is best ?

Im suffering a extremely low LpM for last 3 days with my GSA SER its not 9.48 it was 115 LpM running well over a month but now too less.
Can i switch to a VPN Service like proXPN , if i use VPN there is no need to use a proxy ?


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    When running SER, I can't see why a VPN wouldn't give you the same results as using proxies. With the exception that with a VPN you'll be limited to just one IP which will hurt your ability to create links in the future as that single IP gets blacklisted everywhere.

    But sure you can use a VPN instead of proxies if you wish to, just be aware of abuse complaints. I havn't tried using a VPN myself for the above reasons, so why don't you just give it a try and tell us how it is? Hope you're not expecting to use a vpn for scraping though as that'll fail miserably.
  • i was thinking that we can purchase a VPN that changes its IP for every period of time :(
    is there such option with VPN?
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Yes. Ghost VPN or hma Hide my ass VPN pro for "IP for every period of time"
  • The problem with a vpn that changes IP is that you're left wide open to the world while it's changing IP. Also I'd think that those IPs are already on a lot of blacklists.
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    A vpn can work very well for posting, but as mentioned if you choose to change the IP your real IP will be exposed UNLESS you create a firewall rule to only allow SER internet access when not using your real IP.

    DO NOT use HMA VPN with SER. I used it a month ago with a home system. They suspended my account within one week. BTW their vpn client has an IP binding feature to prevent added programs from internet access when the vpn is disconnected. It sucks bad. I tried using that with SER, and after IP changes it would completely block SER from the internet.

    I was testing HMA because I was having low lpm and a lot of proxy download failed. Using HMA and no proxies did increase bandwidth usage and speed. My lpm doubled. There are a lot of weak private proxies out there.
  • "When running SER, I can't see why a VPN wouldn't give you the same results as using proxies. "
    With vpn all your traffic goes via vpn.
    With proxies you can skip proxies for identification, verification, email checking so need way less traffic via proxies. Thats why proxies SER may be faster so your lpm can be better. Ofc vpn is cheaper .

    HMA is not good for seo tools.
    Ipredator and Vpntunnel - i tested them with Xrumer and no problems so you should be fine with gsa ser, but as i told before, all your traffic will go via vpn and it can slow down all.

  • Proxy server will not change your IP address while VPN does it. Well if you're really asking which is better between the two, I go with VPN.
  • Are you blind, why you open a tread in GSA Verifier section, and ask a question about GSA SER?
  • Private proxies are always going to be better than a VPN service simply because proxies are private only used by you or a couple other people. With a VPN hundreds of people could be using the same IPs your cycling through and this could drastically decrease how much is posted using GSA SER. 

    Also with a VPN, as mentioned above, if you do have automatic IP switching enabled it will expose your home IP if you're not careful, and auto IP switching is the only way to go if you're trying to use a VPN service with GSA SER.
  • Nowadays there are a lot of proxies which slow down your internet speed and may expose your device for hackers. For sure using VPN is better than using proxies. VPN service will speed up your connection and ensure security and privacy. I can highly recommend using VPN services
  • If you ask me than VPN is much better than Proxy. Proxy can slow your speed as well it is vulnerable. While on the other end VPN not only secure your connection but also much faster than a proxy. I am using a VPN and recommend it to all.
    Here is a detail article about Proxy Vs VPN which you can read.
  • Any suggestion which VPN service is good to use GSA SER?

    Hide my Ass is not good for gsa but any other service provider is there?

    like hide my ip or purevpn or ivacy or any other else???
  • I use hide my ass with no problem, there are some programs which won't work with a vpn running
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    By using VPN we unable skip VPN/Proxy for email checking.

    Yahoo, google can block user login with another country /location.

    If @sven can integrate VPN with GSA we can skip for email checking.

  • I would never suggest ppl use a VPN, proxies are better because you can switch between them more effectively. 
  • What if we buy links list and just submit it through VPN instead of proxies.

    I am not using VPN for scraping urls just for submission.

    Does it work?
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    VPN are more sustainable and secure tool of internet security undoubtedly, Proxies never encrypt your data traveling through them while VPNs encrypt all the data traffic before transferring it and it is done by AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption read more in this VPN reviews  
  • well, VPN is more suitable rather than the proxy. I am using ExpressVPN which is fastest VPN. I don't know about all VPN. Before ExpressVPN I was used TunnelBear which provide 500mb free data usage but it was limited due to free services.
  • HMA is history. Use ExpressVPN, CyberGhostVPN or NordVPN. Don't use a VPN for scraping and posting, use it just for posting.
  • Just use proxies from , they r the best
  • The best thing is to use a VPN for online secuirty and unblocking content.
  • I use Free VPN rather than proxies, I know free VPNs are not appreciated to use, But I can't afford paid VPN. But I now I am thinking to go for any cheap option.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    There is no point to use GSA SER or any other mass building tool with VPN. Proxies (nowadays i prefer residential)  VPNs are good for normal access. 

    But some providers proxies worse than a vpn and with a single search quary it will start asking captchas :(  Now i use my own proxies )
  • Proxies are usually used for unblocking websites. Whereas VPNs provide a full encrypted pathway for safe travel of your data and protect you from hackers, government surveillance, and unwanted connection with your device. Here are some basic knowledge about VPNs.
  • This is a very old thread guys. You will not be able to get any better results with VPNs now. Use quality proxies.
  • Hello,
    VPN is better because we can change IP every time.
  • SvenSven
    I vote for proxies as you can perform more than one search request at a time (to be exact the amount of proxies you have added) than just one with a VPN.
  • Choose proxies. VPN can never do what dedicated proxies are capable of doing
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    If you're experiencing a sudden drop in LpM with GSA SER, it's important to troubleshoot the root cause before making any changes. Check if there are any issues with your proxy or if you need to adjust your settings.

    Using a VPN service like proXPN may help with proxy issues, but keep in mind that it can also slow down your connection and affect LpM. It's best to test different options and find the optimal setup that works for your needs. Additionally, make sure to regularly update and maintain your GSA SER software and proxy list for optimal performance.

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