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Help needed with Tier 1 content

Hey hey party people!

I really love Kontent Machine, but lately I've started to suspect that the content it produces is choking my article-verifieds.

(no wonder really, as anyone who can fog a mirror will readily see it's spun stuff).

Well anway... How do you guys produce content for Tier 1, then?

Could I, as an example, get an Articlebuilder subscription, and then put all of that into WordAi for spinning? Or how does it work the best?

And if all of this would somehow integrate with KM so that most of my days wouldn't go into creating articles, that would be AWESOME as well! :D

Best Answers

  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    You can throw AB content straight into SER, works great :)
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    Article Builder can produce up to 20 articles spun as one.
    You can also use 3 different settings like superspun content etc.
    At the end you get something up to 90% unique and very readable.
    It's perfect for SER. So quick and easy, i don't use anything else.
    Even if they don't have my niche i use the closest thing and it still ranks,
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    Accepted Answer
    Try Content Foundry :)
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    I've never tried content foundry. I'll take a look too...
  • vkp1988vkp1988
    Accepted Answer
    AB with Word AI 

    SCM (you can select quality engines) plus Word AI

  • edited June 2014 Accepted Answer
    I am experimenting with one unique article, with one manual spun paragraph, and a spun resource box, and the rest just as is, to see what happens, cus you're right you lose a lot of links because of your content being unreadable, even if you use one of the spin tools the outcome is 99% crap that you don't want on your website either so it gets deleted. and i really think that the dup content thing is really overrated but i could be wrong though :)

    That's why i test this way to see if i get more article and web 2.0 links, cus what is the point in submitting if you lose 70% of your contextual links because your content sucks.
    Don't know if this will work though, that is why i wanted to test it.

  • Accepted Answer
    @gooner what settings do you use for ArticleBuilder?

    I'm stuck at this step


    Thanks in advance.
  • Accepted Answer
    @Artsi I already have posted it to 10K verified targets and about 2.500 are showing up in Majestic and 4000 in aHrefs time will tell if they stick or not and if the site ranks or not
    I have tried Word AI, and don't see the value of it all, if you use the free version of spinnerchief and you auto-spin on  word level, you get the same unreadable output that nobody wants on their site.

  • Accepted Answer
    @Artsi...Regarding the speech recognition software, I used to do just that. I've been out of the game for a few years, but I'm sure I will probably due it again.

    I have Dragon. As long as you take the time to train the software, it will do a pretty darn good job. What I would do back then was find 2 or 3 articles from searching Google all on the same topic. Then I would just kind of run through them and reword everything as I read it to the microphone.
  • Accepted Answer
    I am using Kontent Kaboom for T1 content and SCM sometimes. Kontent Kaboom is pretty cool but it can use up alot of time if you dont figure out how to use it right. The content is A+ though for T1 havent had a problem yet.
  • edited July 2014 Accepted Answer
    Just spend some time making the article readable and copy/paste into the spinner of your choice! The tool is brand new and is still being developed. Integrating spinners has been suggested but as of right now I am just copying and pasting. I use TBS when I am in one of those working moods and want to make a really nice super spun, and spin rewriter when I am not feeling up to manually spinning.
  • Accepted Answer
    lol idk i dont have any tool bar metrics installed. it takes a blackhat to know a blackhat huh ;p


  • Hello my man @gooner!

    Yeah, I just read your latest, and that one got me thinking about this thing a bit more :)

    Here's the thing, though...

    Let's say I have 10 projects, all aimed at one $-whatever. Thus far I've had each of them have 10 KM articles....

    Right now I'm thinking "in KM 1 article was spun like gazillion times. If I now put in only one article per project, shouldn't that be like ULTRA spun?"

    Right? I understood that AB is giving just one unique article, am I right? So I would still need to spin that afterwards?

    I'm right at that wonderful feeling of confusion right now, that always precedes great epiphany ;)
  • edited June 2014
    Wow, thanks guys!

    I think I'll try out the AB then.

    @gooner, what use do you then see for the Word Ai? When exactly would you use that one?

    @bangkoklad, that Content Foundry thingy looks interesting as well. I especially like the ability to create pdfs. Have you had success with it? Does it create truly good content that would pass a human review?

    EDIT: Actually, the Content Foundry comes with a bit more attractive pricing, so I might actually try that one at this point :)
  • I saw someone also recommending using KM3 + Word Ai for readable Tier 1 content. I wonder how does that work? First you scrape an article, read it and fix it by hand, and then put it to WAI?
  • @PaulieP, how many times are you planning to use that one article?

    I just got myself Word Ai, and I must say I'm NOT impressed at all. I wonder what is this "intelligence" they are referring to?
  • Hey guys, one more thing occurred to me here...

    I think I read on BHW that some people back in the day were using some speech recognition software to speak articles and then spin them (and even sell them back in 2008 or something).


    Has someone here tried that out? Literally speaking out your articles and then spinning them?
  • Thanks guys!

    @the_other_dude, holy smokes! That Kontent Kaboom looks very nice! And how would you then go about spinning that to further use on Tier 1 with GSA?
  • A new one, huh? I wonder what kind of 301 magic they've done to their own site to pump the DA to a staggering 81! My Moz toolbar must not be functioning correctly right now...
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