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Global Verified Option

edited June 2014 in Feature Requests
My preferred way to do this is stop all active projects. 

Switch to Active(V), Increase theards, Start SER again.
Verifying is way more faster this way in my experience.

I know you can set to automatically verify each project every x minutes but this is not the same thing.

@sven something like this be implemented?
1.Every X Minutes Stop all projects
2.Change threads to Y. (It's possible to use more theards when verifying, than when posting without errors)
3.Set all active projects to Active(V)
5.Wait until all are finished with verifying.
7.Switch back to running like it was before 1.


  • SvenSven
    Almost the same as when using a custom verification except the thread number change. But no, I will not add this as it's a bit too complicated for people to understand the meaning of it. sorry.
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