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Losing More URL's Than Gaining When Re-Verifying

Once a day I am re-verifying my contextual tiers by going to Show URLs > Verified > Verify > and removing the timed out and failed verification's. Sometimes I lose more links after verification than I gained in the day.

For example on one of my sites I will create 100 contextual tier 1's throughout the day, but after re-verifying and removing the timed out and failed verification's I will lose 110 links, making me negative 10 links from where I started at the beginning of the day.

I am wondering if this is normal and happens to everyone, or if I am missing something very important. 


  • ronron
    I wouldn't re-verify for all the reasons you stated above. Just because a website or the internet connection to the website is having a bad hair day, or missing an electron, Wham!, you lose the link.

    I made this decision a long time ago: It is better to have dead limbs on a tiered structure (in which you are making links underneath) than to eliminate living limbs that can help your rankings.

    As to why it is so bad for you, I can't comment because I stopped doing it a long time ago. All I can tell you is that all multi-threaded applications that verify links get a lot of false negatives. I ran into this issue for years with Scrapebox. It just isn't worth your time to continue doing it - that is my honest opinion. 
  • edited June 2014
    @ron, so you're pretty much saying don't re-verify my contextual's at all? Thanks for the detailed insight. 
  • ronron
    @GoreMay - That is what I am saying. Trust me. However, if you want to spend an afternoon physically checking each link, and then manually deleting them, then have at it.

    Just don't let a multi-threaded software do it for you. The slightest proxy hiccup or missing electron will show it as dead when in actuality it is still a living link.
  • @ron - Okay I am taking your word for it, thanks for the help once again.
  • ronron
    No problem. Hate to see a fellow SER mate in distress, lol.
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