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#1 Rated Best Rank Tracking Service SERPCloud with Social,SEO metrics and Cloud reporting

SerpCloud is the World #1 Web Based Cloud rank Tracking Solution for Beginners to Enterprise Level Companies that track your website Google,Yahoo & Bing Search engines Positions with local listing data and your Social stats and SEO metrics in very affordable pricing option.

Cool features of!

*Geo located Rank tracking for Google 188 Regions,Bing,Yahoo and Yandex also.
*All languages Keywords tracking Possible now with SERPCloud
*Cloud Reporting via Google Drive & Dropbox
*White Label Reporting
*Public View able reports to share it with any one you want.
*Add on user features allow you to add user to your account to manage the projects you want.
*Social Stats of Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Pinterest,Delicious,Stumb leupon,Linkdin
*SEO metrics data from Moz,ahref,Maject SEO,alexa rank and Google PR.
*Schedule Email Reporting allow you to set emails to any project you want report of.
*Google analytic integration allow you to compare rankings stats with visits.
*Developer API comes with every package so you have maximum freedom.
*Adding notes to your projects to tailor your seo efforts.
*Daily notifications of rank Up and Down
*Email logs provide you to view what emails you got from SERPCloud
*ARCHIVE report allow you to get custom range dates data OR Full data of your specific project want.

SERPCloud Client Area UI Screenshots!


We accept Payment From:
2CO,Paypal,Credit Card,Visa,Master card,Payza,Wire Transfer

Custom Package Available at Discounted pricing contact for it

Setup Time (Instant After payment done)

Refund policy:
7 Days Full refund after you order.
Contact Details:
Skype: serpcloud
Support Ticket: Click here to Submit Ticket


  • edited June 2014
  • i just signed up for the service.., i wasn't going to sign up at first because you can't read the terms and conditions.., this could put people off!

    compared to the other SERPs on the market, this is good but awkward if you have to add alot of keywords. with serpbook for example, you can just copy and paste a list of keywords. with serpcloud, you have to put the URL infront of every keyword which takes a long time. i had to do this with 46 keywords.(time is money guys!!!).
    also..., surley the google column should be first as this is what most people look at, can we delete the other columns?
    i will try this for a month but thankfully i haven't cancelled my subscription for my other service.
  • hi guys,
    can you check the bulk uploader because it doesn't work for me?

  • @william88

    You can read terms and conditions on serpcloud.

    And you can also Hide/Show the columns for Search engines you want from Ranking tables via Accounts settings>Table settings:

    And for the adding project and importing we will improve it for sure. 

    Bulk importer working fine Make sure you are adding in this format:
    url,keyword  (Comma separted )


  • o.k, i thought you meant :

    url, keyword, keyword, keyword

    i'll try that but it just seems slow to me..., do you recommend using excel?
  • @william88:

    Yes one per line.

    Yes i recommend you to do that via Excel it will be easy with it.
  • DON'T waste your time or money on these guys!!! This is absolutely useless with POOR customer service..

    i've had it for a month now and it is so clunky.............., i'm lost for words guys.

    it was so poor that i terminated my subscription on the 15th July, i received an e-mail from them confirming the termination (see copy e-mail below).  on the 24th July i got an e-mail from 2checkout saying they've taken money from my paypal account!
    i contacted the guys from serpcloud and sent them a copy of the termination e-mail they sent me and asked them to refund my account but have heard NOTHING from them!

    BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! i wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

    copy of termination e-mail serpcloud sent to me..., note the "24 - 48 hrs"

    Dear xxxxx,

    This email is to confirm that we have received your cancellation request for the service listed below.

    Package : Plus

    We will procced it within 24-48 Hours.

    Thank you for using and we hope to see you again in the future.

    Copyright © 2014 SerpCloud. All rights reserved and Trademarks

  • edited July 2014
    O.K, just got the refund so respect to them for that...

    they sent me an e-mail explaining the reasons for the delay and i accept that and i apologize for the above post, i'm sure they are working hard to make this a good service.

    Due to Islamic holy month going on and it's end so due to relgious activies our mostly team on leave now.

    thank you.
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