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E-Mail Verification Not Working

Is anyone able to help please,

When I enter my e-mail details and click on 'test' it Comes up with an instant error box:

All Failed.

Last Error:ERR login to your account via a web browser to verify your account.

I have tried several different e-mails and none work.. it worked earlier but suddenly stopped working?

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  • cherubcherub UK
    Accepted Answer
    Have you tried doing what the error message suggests?


  • I am ashamed at myself. :)
  • edited June 2014
    I have the same problem with my first project, the email was working, then shows error login after a while.

    Now I just start my second project and just updated the GSA and I noticed that majority of my email failed the initial test, I deleted and replaced other emails and run after they pass the test. After the project run for a while, It shows Error login again.

    InSaNe , How did you solve the problem? My error message shows no suggestion at all. Thanks in advance.
  • Come on InSaNe let us know!!
    i'm having the same problem....,it winds me up when someone knows the answer and keeps it to them selves, but when they need help, you see how quick they ask.......
  • edited June 2014
    in my experience I only get this error when my email is not working anymore

    try to test your email using browser if you can log in successfully.
  • I thought about logging in via web browser but wouldn't that expose my IP to hotmail? I don't want to turn on my vpn every time I get this message. 
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