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.txt or .sl

I have a 1 million unverified url list.  I was converting it to .sl and it was taking ages.  Someone told me to stop and just feed it straight into gsa as a .txt.  I stopped the converting but someone else has told me feeding .txt straight into to post to is a bad idea.

What is right here?  I will be using this list to post links.


  • vkp1988vkp1988
    Right click on your project import target URLs .GSA will identify your targets with your selected engines .
  • So it doesnt matter which method i decide to throw out backlinks with?
  • I am working through .txt now an I'm gettin 0.7 lpm. Any pointers of stuff to do to improve this?
  • cozziola

    LPM mostly depends on filters,proxies ,captchas and your system .

    First two are mostly imp in cases like yourse .

  • Ive got 50 semi dedicated proxies so i dont think that is the problem.
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